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Jeans Repair

Hi again,

So this port is going to be something slightly different since it doesn’t involve any from of yarn ;). My husband tore his jeans and at first I thought that there was no hope for them but on further inspection I realised that the jeans had not even torn, the stitching had simply come undone. So I am going to show you a quick step by step on how I fixed them and I am super impressed with the results.

The very sorry looking jeans.

First thing I did was to trim off all the frayed material. This helps to see what is going on and also helps the final thing look better finished. If had sewn it together without trimming then the threads may have stuck out or gotten in the way and looked ugly.


Then I set my iron to high and I ironed out the waist band. After going through the wash it had become wrinkled and would have been hard to work with.


Then I pinned it all together. I looked at the sides of the tear and saw what the size of the fold was originally and I tried to imitate that. So I folded the back bottom edge about half a centimeter  and then places the middle part against that. Then holding it tight I folded the front bottom edge the same amount and then places that against the middle and tried to make sure that there was no pleating or puckering happening and then I pinned it.


As you can see in the photo below, I used a lot of pins because the material did not crease well and would not have held its shape easily.


I didn’t think that I could easily get the jeans material through my machine, also the belt loops would have gotten in the way, so i decided to hand sew it. I folded the thread double to give it more strength and then I actually sewed it twice. The first time I just sewed using a straight stitch to hold it all together with out the pins, almost like a very neat tacking that I didn’t intend to take out.
Then I went over it again with a separately threaded backstitch. That way if one fails the other is still there. I also put so much effort into this area because it is near the pocket and zipper so I imagine the material will get a lot of stress put on the stitches.



Tadah! Here is the finished project. I totally saved this pair of jeans!

Sorry for the bad cellphone camera photos.

❤ Diella


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