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Vertical Crochet Scarf

Hello again,

This time I am posting about something you know me better for. Crochet. This is the second scarf that I have crochet for T. He likes his scarves a little shorter but it is actually still longer than the pattern I used. I used the Vertical Stripe Crochet Scarf pattern by Allen Williams. I can’t remember how it went the first time I used it but this time I had a few troubleshooting errors. Yes even after all the things that I have crochet and all the patterns and stitches that I know I still have issues.

On Wednesday I started the scarf. I started with a base of 350 stitches because that reached 72 inches which is longer than T usually likes but I was trying to figure out a pattern for selling these scarves. After I worked on the scarf for about 4 hours and I was almost finished I re measured and it was now less than 60 inches. Not only was I unhappy because it was shorter but this shortening had resulted in the beginning side being very very wavy/ puckered. Feeling very disheartened I knew that I needed to start again. It was a fail and it wasn’t even wearable. I actually put the project away for the rest of the day and left it.

On Friday I picked it up again and started unraveling it. This was a bit of a frustrating process as Salty decided to help me. I made this scarf with natural materials and she LOVES natural yarn so she kept picking up the balls and running off with them. As I went to get the one she ran off with she would run back and grab another one! I tried putting them in a plastic bag but she just stuck her arm in and pulled them out. It was a long process. Then I started the scarf over only 300 stitches this time as I knew it was going to be shorter anyway. This time I used a 4.5mm hook and cast on as tight as I could. Then I switched to the 5mm when I started the seed stitch. This helped a lot. It isn’t perfect I still need to find a better solution if I am to sell them but it looks good enough that T is happy to wear it.

So here’s some pictures.


Scarf facts:

Cast on: 300 stitches.
Yarn: brown – Rowan 100% wool; blue – African Expressions (Harmony) 100% Merino;    white – same as brown
Length: 52 inches (132 cm)
Width: 4 inches (10cm)
Rows:24Stitches: 7200
Hooks: 4,5mm and 5mm
Rough time: 6-7 hours

Hope you like this post; please feel free to leave a comment or ask questions.

❤ Diella


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