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Crafty to-do List

Hello again,

My week has been odd progress wise… I got flu, badly, so I have been out of action for about 8 days. This has meant that although I have gotten very little else done I have done quite well on the sock front.

I was silly and I didn’t take a picture of my grans finished socks but I will ask my mother to take a picture when she gives them to my grandmother. IMG_20160802_105634

I have not yet got the hang of the “two at a time” method where you use an 80cm loop. But I do my own version where I do the rib of 1, then the rib of 2, then the ankle of 1, etc. This way it still helps me combat SSS, otherwise known as second sock syndrome, that is where you finish the one sock and then don’t feel like even starting the second one.


Unfortunately, and I blame this on being sick, I managed to start the toes of the second sock about an inch too early so after I had even sewn the ends in and everything…. I noticed that my two socks were not the same size, so I had to inset a life line (in yellow) and pull it all out. I am so glad that I learned about life lines otherwise this would have been very painful to try and undo manually.


And here is a visual version of my crafty to-do list.
I have two pairs of socks to finish, both for my mother. And I have a crochet blanket that I need to finish for myself. I actually began the blanket last year sometime. My husband generated a list of numbers 1-4 in a random order so this is my random stripes blanket. I assigned a colour to each number.

I feel so bad about not having finished my blanket but I also want to get the socks done for my mother. And in the end they all gang up against me so that if there is anything else that I am wanting to do, they all sit there are tell me that I should be working on them.

I hope that your week was better than mine health wise.



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