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Exploring Edinburgh

Hello Again Dear Readers,

I am sorry for my long silence. On the 10th of January my husband and I left South Africa to fly to Scotland. On the 11th of January we landed in Edinburgh. And since then we have been taking a little bit of time to adjust and settle in. We are still looking for a flat to rent although we have applied for a few places already.

Sunday the 15th was my birthday and we decided to go out for a little exploring. I am just going to share a few of my favourite photos as we took way too many for me to share them all.


This is a barber shop but i just loved the sign.
The texture of the ground and the paving here is so lovely.


Living here I think that crocodile stitch gloves are the way of the future. They trap a lot of air and that makes them super warm.


These are the fattest pigeons I have ever seen and they look so plump and cuddly!
I really like Celtic crosses
There are beautiful spires everywhere!


How moody and gorgeous does the castle look?


I am in love with this little cottage.


I got a little warm walking up the hill.


We love our new home


All in all I have to say that the thing that amazes me most about Edinburgh is how dense and old it is. The buildings are so beautiful and they are just ordinary shops and homes. Back in South Africa most of the older buildings are either very run down or they are reserved for museums. Here we are literally just living modern life in an ancient city!!!

I am going to miss this place so much in April when I go back to South Africa.

I hope that you enjoyed that little snippet of our explorations.



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