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The week of deliveries

Hello Again dear reader,

Last Sunday was pretty chilled as T had to go back to London for 3 days of training. So we just chilled together and he packed all his bags.

On Monday I started with my usual house cleaning day so that took quite a while.

I had to email because I had placed an order with them on the Saturday but my account with them didn’t say that I had any orders and T’s bank statement didn’t reflect the pending transaction. So I wanted to find out what was happening. Thankfully what had happened is that my account session had timed out before T had finished purchasing because he stopped halfway through. So the order had been logged as a “guest” purchase rather than linked to my account. And their system is having a problem with emailing the receipts to the guest purchases, but my order had gone through and had actually been sent out that morning by royal mail!

Then I worked on digitizing my mug designs for Redbubble. I managed to get 2 of the 3 done.


On Tuesday I took a pretty picture of my Daffodils. I don’t know how long they flower for but I am really enjoying them.

Unfortunately I blacked out in the shower that morning. I didn’t think much of it though, I just assumed I was still sleepy and maybe the shower was a bit hot.

Photo from Friday

I then finished my last redbubble mug design but I also used a screen capture program to video the process so that I could use it for my Thursday art videos. pangaea_mug

While I was filming… my yarn order arrived! I was so impressed with how quickly it came! And it came in this lovely bag! (there was other packaging over it.


This is 100% acrylic yarn for a scarf for my sister who is allergic to wool.
This is 100% wool (it was on sale for 1 pound 10!) for a jersey which I am knitting myself.
This and the black one below are for a shawl I want to make.


This is a surprise for someone. As I have said earlier I am making lots of presents for people when i go back in April
I also balled up the yarn for T’s socks. This is a West Yorkshire Spinners yarn in the Blue Lagoon colourway. They have a range which are all named after cocktails.

After I was done with my yarn and my Redbubble I still  had half a day left so I decided to go and check out one of the fabric shops. It is called Edinburgh Fabrics. I walked there, it was about 5 km walk there and back. I also discovered during this walk that I seem to be adjusting to the weather here quite quickly. It was 3 degrees and so got all dressed up only to find that I was over heating. I didn’t need my scarf or gloves. But I do walk quite briskly so maybe that was why I was finding it so hot.

On the way I discovered this little building which reminds me of the Stuart Little house. So tiny wedged in-between the other big buildings.
These fabric designs would make lovely project bags!

Unfortunately I still found a lot of the fabric quite pricey so i didn’t buy anything. Maybe once I have adjusted to earning in pounds and spending in pounds I’ll change my mind about whether or not I think that it is expensive. But I have seen cheaper fabric online to order.


When I got back home I started knitting T’s socks.

Now we get to the part that makes it relevant that I blacked out in the shower. After I went to bed I then woke up in the early hours of the morning. I didn’t actually look at the time so I dont know for sure. But then lots of horrible things happened which I wont go into the details but it landed up with me very feverish and passing out on the bathroom floor and sleeping there for a few hours.

The next morning I googled all my symptoms and the closest thing I could figure it out to be was a vitamin B deficiency. Thankfully we had bought some on the weekend because T needs vitamin B complex to help him concentrate at work, so I have just started taking that and I haven’t had a repeat episode.

Against my mother and T’s advice I still decided to go to a craft shop at Fort Kinnaird. (I was fine in the end) So I set off and took the bus on my own for the first time. It was about a 30 min trip there and I had to walk a little because I missed my stop and got off at one further.


I am still in love with the beautiful buildings.

I didn’t really find any cheaper fabrics or yarn at the Hobby Craft shop but I am glad that I went there anyway. It is a huge place with two floors of just craft stuff, painting, paper, beading, flower stuff, sewing, pottery, lots of stuff.
On the way back I stopped off on the road that I had been on the day before. I wanted to go to the charity shops because I know that they sometimes get donations of yarn or fabric that they then sell quite cheaply. But I suddenly got this irrational fear that the charity shops were meant for people in need to go and shop at and not that they were intended to raise money for people in need. So I was too afraid to go in. In the end I just landed up going to one which was called “Pets in need of Vets” because I reasoned that it was unlikely that some pet was going to come trotting in and buy itself a jumper. 😛 Unfortunately there was no yarn or fabric to be found.

At home I worked up a swatch for my new jersey, pictured below. I washed and blocked it because I have heard that that is the correct thing to do.


And then I made good progress on T’s socks. I actually worked them both all the way to the heel point.img-20170208-wa0013

Then I decided that I didn’t want to do my heel flap and gusset heel but rather a German Short row heel. The difference is that the heel flap is “L” shaped and the German Short row heel looks more like a pizza slice. But in order to do this I needed a pattern and after doing a lot of research I decided that I wanted to use a paid pattern. At first I thought I’d have to wait for T to come home and help me buy it because I don’t have his credit card details… but then I realised that I had more than enough money in my PayPal account from all my Redbubble sales and so I could just purchase it with PayPal.  I was very elated and it was a very empowering feeling to pay for a craft pattern with money made from my crafting.

On Thursday I was still feeling the high from buying something with my Redbubble sales and so I was inspired to come up with some more designs. I made 6 in total but I have 3 pictured below. I haven’t digitized them all yet.


Random picture of our fridge decorations that I took to show my sister. She took the one picture of me, and she is in the other picture with T and I. I don’t know why but having pretty things on my fridge just makes me so happy.

I also received a delivery for T early in the morning. He ordered himself a drill off Amazon. It is a really cool drill it is pretty  powerful but it is also small and very light.

Friday… oh Friday. I must preface this by telling you two things. One is that on Thursday evening my parents told me that they had ordered some amazon vouchers for T as his Birthday present and that they would likely arrive on Friday. The other thing is that I didn’t sleep well on Thursday night. So  I figured that the vouchers were probably envelope sized and could fit through our envelope slot and so I would sleep in.

Well I was having a very merry sleep in indeed when all of a sudden I was woken by pounding on the door. That’s when I realised that someone must be trying to make a delivery. But then I realised in a panic that I was not appropriately dressed to answer the door but I didn’t know how long this person had been knocking!! So i jumped out of bed and grabbed the first thing I could find which was a cardigan. I didn’t bother buttoning it up, I just kind of held it shut with one hand and opened the door with the other. And there was a man standing with a pretty big box. He looked at me expectantly like I was going to take the box from him… but I did not want to let go of my top… so I swung the door open pointed at the floor  next to me in the passage and said put it there please. I also then still had to sign for it. When he left I looked in the mirror and from my hair it was very evident that I had been sleeping. 😛 Oh well, I guess there have probably been equally strange deliveries. I was seriously confused though because this was a giant box for vouchers. I didn’t want to open it because if it was the vouchers they were supposed to be for T and he should open it.

The box on the right was the package. The one on the left was the drill from the day before.

Then about 5 min later suddenly my mail slot clanged and I saw amongst all the mail was another large envelope marked from Amazon. So The box was something else. I checked with T and he said that he had not ordered anything. I knew that my parents had ordered me a scanner for my birthday but my dad had said that it was only due for delivery between the 14th and the 17th. So I got my sister and parents on skype and proceeded to open my mystery package. Which did turn out to be my scanner.



Then I carried on working on my Redbubble desgins and started digitizing some of them. It was a funny day weather wise with about as much variation as a Cape Town day. It started off sunny. Then while I was working away at my laptop T messaged me and said” It’s snowing!” So I ran to the window with much delight and took lots of little video clips of the snow and I video called my sister to show her.
Then I went back to work. The next time I looked up it was Sunny again! ….. and then after a while I started hearing a weird noise so I looked up… and it was hailing!


So much hail it almost looks like there is snow on that car

While I was working T messaged and asked if Mz. E could come for supper. Which I obviously said yes to, but then it got me thinking and I decided that I really felt like going out and dancing. I love going to clubs even though I don’t really drink, because I love dancing. Also I am not fussy I will pretty much dance to anything. I also really love getting all dressed up for going out.
So you can see my potential outfits which I picked out. It was kind of hard because I didn’t really know what girls wear out when it’s cold, because obviously when you are inside and dancing you’re going to be hot, and I also didn’t know what kind of club we were going to go to. Luckily Mz. E had been on a Pub Crawl a few weeks before so she knew some of the nice places to go.

I landed up going with the second one from the right. The black dress with the while collar. It is actually a dress given to me by my mother.

We landed up going to a club called Stramash. And I LOVED it. I think I have found my new club hang out. It kind of reminded me of a club called Gandalf’s in Cape Town with is kind of a metal / rock club. There were some live bands and also a DJ playing in between. They played some songs which they had written but they also did covers of some older songs like Sweet home Alabama, and Fleetwood Mac etc. I really loved it. Oh and did I mention it is in an old church? Oh and did I mention that at the top at the back there are leather couches and some bookshelves with books?!

Photo by Mz. E
Drinking our beverages on the leather couches
This is the upstairs bar. Photo by Mz. E
Dancing on the dance floor ❤

After we left I was so hot from dancing, and probably the cider I had helped… but I walked home carrying my coat instead of wearing it! Also wearing heels was the worst idea ever. My feet were killing me. It was a 24min walk from the club back home. To be honest if I knew that we were going to that kind of club I would not have worn heels at all and I probably would have worn a different dress anyway. But I loved it and we will definitely be going back.

On Saturday morning I sorely regretted my shoe choice of the night before. Heels pictured below. My toes were blistered and the balls of my feet were bruised. Also remember a lot of the streets here are cobbled so that adds to the walking hazzards of heels. img-20170211-wa0001

We don’t have a bath tub here, as I mentioned in my last post, so after my shower I filled our washing basin with hot water and salt and soaked my poor footsies in there.


On Saturday afternoon I made my slow and painful walk to my knitting group. This time there were only two of us but it was a new person who I had not met before so we had a great time chatting and getting to know eachother. He is from Denmark and he is engaged to a woman from France and they have both moved to Edinburgh. So it was really nice to chat to someone else who has also moved here and to chat about our experiences of adjusting and learning new things.

While I was out our IKEA order was delivered and T got to work right away on assembling our stuff. Unfortunately this kind of blockaded up the kitchen so we popped downstairs to the Thai restaurant below us and ordered some take away food. It was really yummy. We also had to eat sitting on the floor because there was no space for the chairs. 😛


It really amazes me how flat they can pack the furniture. I know that that is pretty much the point of IKEA but still.


I haven’t included that many pictures because it is now Sunday and T is still building furniture. But I am sure that I will include loads of before and after pictures in next weeks post.

Now before I go I am going to share with you all the cute cat pictures my family keep sending me of my babies whom I miss terribly.

Salty sitting on my mom while she tries to get stuff done.
Salty playing in a shopping packet.
Salty chilling n the couch which is right next to the open plan kitchen while my sister did some baking.
Salty sitting ON TOP of my mom’s artwork.
Pangaea does not approve of interruptions
Salty sleeping on my sister ❤


Salty’s muddy face after she’s been up to no good

Well that’s it from me for this week. It looks like these posts are ending up being a lot longer than I had initially imagined them to be.

Lots of Love,



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