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The week I went to a Vintage fair

Hello Lovelies,

It’s that time of the week again! Unfortunately today’s blog is coming a bit late because my husband is sick and so I have been playing nurse during the time that I thought I was going to be blogging. It is just a head cold / virus so I am sure he’ll be better soon.

So last Sunday we took a trip to IKEA again but this time to buy some things for the kitchen. We bought an ice-tray, it is fish shaped because there were no plain ones that I could see. It’s cute anyway. We got some more tea towels, some oven gloves, some lunch containers and some containers for the freezer, a whisk, a pasta server, and a water jug thing. The water jug was important for me because I am still boiling the water before I drink it so I need somewhere to store it. Otherwise I kept running out of chilled boiled water.


We had had burgers previously and we still had some patties left over but we didn’t have any rolls. So We made some sandwich burgers which were pretty yummy!


Monday I did a lot of laundry and house keeping and then I also worked a lot on my mom’s socks. Other than that I didn’t do much.

On Tuesday I finished a watercolour mermaid which I started in November last year. I had sketched and inked it but then I just lost the inspiration so I left it. Then on Tuesday I wanted to draw something so I was going through my art papers and I rediscovered the drawing and decided to finish it. It is actually available on my Redbubble now.


After my morning painting I worked some more on my Mom’s socks.

In the evening on Tuesday I decided that it is too long to wait a whole week for knitting group and I am getting cabin fever. I needed to get out the house. So I came up with an idea that every Wednesday, starting the next day, I would go out to one of the museums or galleries in Edinburgh since there are so many. This is great because it helps with artistic inspiration as well as getting out the house.

So on Wednesday I had to pop past the post office to forward letters for our land lord and then I tried to set off  for the Museum. However the bus I wanted to take only runs every half an hour and it was not running according to my phone app times or the website timetable times. So I waited for about 20 minutes and although it wasn’t raining my jeans were getting damp from the cold. And I was so close to just going home and crawling into bed when the bus turned up.

At the museum I started off taking photos but I got over it because everything there is just too lovely and I landed up just doing some sketches of the things which inspired me.


I liked this piece because it made me think of my friend who studied ceramics and who is always interested in hand painted pottery. 
This is a sarcophagus which has a mummy inside
They did an x-ray and scan of the mummy and built up a digital model of what they think the man looked like when he died. This is a reproduction of that model.
This is made of Ivory. The carving is amazing!

There are 3 floors and by the time I was done there I was exhausted. It took me about 4 hours and to be honest I rushed the last floor. My legs were tired from standing and walking and drawing, and I was hungry and I just wanted to be home. But I needed to get some milk and bread before I could go home.

On the way back I tried to take the bus but it was just going to be too long to wait versus how long it would take me to walk. On the way I passed a Sainsbury’s and went in there to buy my groceries which I needed. While I was in there I succumbed to temptation. I bought a 5 pack of doughnuts! To be fair they were really cheap and I really needed something to keep me going! And when I told my husband he made a whole lot of bad doughnut puns…

“I do-nut believe it!”
“You are in a hole lot of trouble”
“Could almost say you are in a bit of a Jam.”


Thursday I did more housework and I finished off my mom’s socks. My sister also went for her MRI and we spent quite a bit chatting about that experience.

Friday I started a new pair of socks! But I can’t really tell you about them because they are a surprise for a friend who may read this blog. So I don’t want to spoil it for him. These may take me a little bit longer to knit as they are the biggest socks I have ever knit. I am lucky because my husband has small feet for a man. 😀 I pretty much just knit on those for the whole day. I did both cuffs and a little bit of an ankle.

I also moved a whole bunch of stuff from the lounge shelves into my craftroom. I still need to do a lot more sorting but things are starting to look a lot more orderly. I will probably share some photos next week.

Saturday was such a busy day! I had been anticipating this day all week. Ms. E and I decided earlier in the week that we wanted to go to the “Vintage-weigh-and-pay” that was being held on Saturday. This particular one seems to be moving around the country so it is not specific to Edinburgh. Since we were going out I decided to get dressed up pretty.

My hair has become something of an issue for me. It has gotten really really long. It basically reaches my belly button when I let it loose. I love it long but I can’t wear it in a bun on my head as it strains my neck and gives me a headache. I don’t like to leave it untied as it gets really knotted and it also gets into everything, my paint, my knitting, my food, my mouth. So I have been wearing it in plaits a lot. But for going out I didn’t want to have the same old boring hairstyle  have had all week. So you can see my creation below.


I did two long french plaits, then  twisted them up again and pinned them along the original plait with bobby pins. Then I added  big bow to cover the ends at the top.

My husband left early in the morning to go and collect some speakers he was buying off gumtree, so Ms E and I went on ahead to the weight and pay. Now try to believe me when I say it was not my intention to buy anything actually. I said my my husband in the morning, ” I am not wanting to buy anything I am just going to keep E. Company.” Ha. ha. ha. I landed up getting a whole lot of dresses because they were so beautiful and they fit me so perfectly.

It was held in the “Central Hall”
I didn’t buy this as it’s not the colours I usually wear but I asked T to take a pic because I liked the cut and if I buy  a dress pattern I want to remember this shape.
There were a whole lot of glasses there, sunnies and plain. I didn’t buy these as I wear actual glasses so plain ones annoy me (I don’t wear contacts) But these were cute.

Just in case you want to know. The way which this weigh and pay worked was; all the clothing was hung up on rails. You go round and take stuff then you can try it on if you wish. Then you can weigh it on one of the scales provided, if you are happy you take it to the pay point where they weigh it again and then charge you. It is priced per kilo. And there is no minimum. So 100g is 1pound 50. or 1 kg is 15 pounds. Below I have posted a collection of photos of the stuff which I bought.

Cute sequin top, totally cute for clubbing. Reminds me of my costume I wore for my first ever irish dancing show.
Gorgeous victorian style dress. The one sleeve is ripped but I am going to remove both sleeves and put in new ones.
Picture of the same dress buttoned up.
Cute little faux velvet dress. Could be worn with tights in cold weather. Fits me like a glove.
This dress is actually full length but I was pulling derp faces in all the photos.  This one is a very elegant evening dress but I might take it up and make it more of a cocktail dress.
I tried this one as a bit of a joke because it half reminded me of an irish dancing dress and half reminded me of some sort of German bar-maid dress. But when I actually saw it I was like yes! This is an awesome dress!
Again this fits like a glove. Probably another party / clubbing dress.
This is an awesome coat! T complains that it’s too big but I think that that is the magic of it. It also has a hood. And the coats were all capped at 15 pounds. 
Using this cute little bag for going out. It is the perfect size for my rida-card, my phone, my id and some cash / lipstick
Suede high waisted belt
I am going to alter this one to be a kick-ass tribal fusion belly dance belt.

After the weigh and pay we popped into a place balled BAR-Burritos and had some amazing lunch. Then T and Ms E went off to meet another friend while I went off to my knitting group. My knitting group was uneventful but so very lovely and nourishing for my social soul.

I had just got home when T called and said that I must go to a place called the Cayley Picture House. So I got redressed in my coat as it was raining, touched up my make-up to make it more evening-y and then went out. When I first got there I thought I was at the wrong place but when I went in it was breath taking. It is literally an old picture house which has been converted into a pub. T said that the only thing that would make it better would be if they had left the screen functional and had silent movies playing! I Think that that is a fabulous idea.


On the way home we decided to walk through the graveyard nearby because it looked so pretty and T was doing silly poses by the lamp posts.


Sunday or today as it still is was much more laid back. We started by going to a retail park to get some groceries and also some storage for our shelves. Unfortunately while we were there T’s mild cold got much worse and by the time we were home he was burning up with a fever. I took the picture below because I think that it is cool how on the Tram there is a place where you can put your luggage so you don’t need to sit with it piled up on your lap.


And of course here are some obligatory pet photos from South Africa.


Unfortunately I only have 2 as my mom’s phone is still in the shop for repairs and my sister doesn’t send as many cat photos. (or dog photos)

Well that is it for this week. I am kind of tired now, it’s 9pm and I started this at 7pm. T has been in bed since 1 and the house is very quiet so I may just go on and have an early night too.

Thank you for being patient with me and this very late post. It is still technically Sunday. 😛

I hope that you have a wonderful week ahead,

Love Diella


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