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The week of visits and traveling

Hello dear readers,

Thank you for being so patient with me. I know that this blog post is very belated. I am still only going to tell you what happened until last Sunday, so that next Sunday’s post will not be a very short one. I am utterly exhausted after my very exciting week with my Mother-in-law.

Last Sunday, that being Sunday the 5th of March, T and I went for a walk to the The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. It is actually quite close to us. We did not take photos inside as I feel weird about taking photos of other people’s art. It was an interesting experience. T studied art for high school where as I did not. I had a falling out with my art teacher and I took Home Economics instead. (I don’t regret this at all) But it means that T has a much better knowledge of art history than I do. T also quite likes modern art where as I do not really. I even compared one of the picture’s to a toddler’s piece of art and said I would prefer the toddler’s art because it would have sentimental value as well. And when T said he wanted one of the sculptures in our lounge (joking of course we don’t have the space or the money) I said “Only if I could knit a cozy for it”.  that being said, I still found it very interesting to see and I also found some inspiration there for some future pieces that I would like to do.

A beautiful building we saw on our walk there.
The grounds of the gallery
The outside of the Gallery.

On Monday it dawned on me that I had 10 projects to complete by the time I am back in Z.A, and only 4 weeks to do it in! So I knuckled down and knit! I was knitting on my aunty-in-law’s socks. They are the Rum Paradise colourway by West Yorkshire spinners in their cocktail range. On Monday I knit both legs and did both heels.IMG_20170306_112538

On Tuesday I continued my knit-a-thon and knit both feet.


On Wednesday I finished the toes of aunty’s socks.IMG_20170309_091448

I also went out to the shops to try and find a punch, some washi tape, an art sketch book and a hot waterbottle. I traveled from Haymarket station to Gyle center back to haymarket, on to Meadow bank shopping park and back to haymarket! And I only got the sketch books and a punch. I was quite miffed.

I live near the black circle, and you can see the long way that I traveled. The stars are mostly yarn shops. Haha.

I photographed my pile of hand knit socks for my knitting podcast. I needed some channel art.

IMG-20170310-WA0000 - Copy

On Wednesday night T’s cousin N came to visit. He was on his way down from Torriden to London and he was staying the night at Edinburgh. He is a chef and so I didn’t want to cook for him. He is a lovely person and I am sure that he would have enjoyed my food anyway but it was my own personal insecurities that made me too shy to cook for him. So we went to our favourite pub.

Thursday’s have now become my podcasting days. I have started a knitting podcast and I film on Thurday’s and I post the video on Fridays. It takes me quite a long time to film and then edit all the footage. You are welcome to check out my podcast but I will warn you that it is all about the knitting.

After I had finished filming and editing I had a little bit of time so I started on my granny’s shawl. This is the first time I am knitting a shawl, the first time I am knitting lace, and the first time that I am knitting mercerised cotton!

IMG-20170309-WA0035 - Copy

On Friday my Mother-in-law arrived! I went down to the station a little early and knit on Jeantelle’s socks which I had started the night before. I was still on the cuff.
My M-I-L was staying at an air-BnB nearby so we went to go and find her place and get her settled in. She gave me a COO!! I have always wanted a live Coo and this is the next best thing. In Scotland we have coos not cows. 😉
We then went for a walk through Prince’s Street gardens. We also met T at a starbucks for coffee and a bite to eat. Then we went to the National art Gallery and looked around there.
Later when T had finished work we first went to look at her place and then we took her to look at our place. We then went to our favourite pub for supper and then headed to bed quite soon as we were all rather tired.

IMG-20170310-WA0015 - Copy
My new coo. He’s been sleeping in bed with us 😛

SATURDAY!!!!! I was so excited!!! It was the Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2017!! It was AMAZING!!! Am I using enough capitals and exclamations?

I was a little nervous setting out because I was going on my own. M-I-L and T were going exploring and Friend E was only joining me later. You all know what I am like with anxiety and doing new things… but this was YARN so I over came my fear. I went and caught a bus, at the very next station three ladies got on. The first came and sat next to me (I was knitting on Jeantelle’s socks.) and I heard the other two asking how to get to the Corn Exchange (our destination). The lady who sat next to me leaned over and whispered… “Are we all going to the same place?” I laughed and said that I suspected so. She was really nice and chatty and we chatted about knitting socks all the way. Lady and I were a little worried as we had not been there before and didn’t know where to go…. as soon as we got off the bus, which was next to a train station, we saw a huge stream of people all heading in the same direction. So we followed. There were so many people that not everyone could fit on the center island and we had to wait a bit before crossing the road until it had emptied.

I only had to stand in the queue for about 5 – 10 minuets. Lady and I got separated as they only let in 10 people at a time but that was okay. When I first got in there were soooo many people and so many stores that I was totally overwhelmed. I had to walk around 2 or 3 times to start taking things in. There was also a lot of human traffic. By that I mean that sometimes you just had to squeeze past people and other times you had to wait for a couple of minuets until people started moving again. It was quite overwhelming. Then around 12pm I went outside to get some fresh air and meet friend E.
I took lots of photos of yarn for my mother and for M-I-L so that they could tell me what they would like.
The people there were amazing, everyone was so friendly and enthusiastic.
And friend E was even more amazing. I had been worried that she may be a bit bored since she doesn’t knit but she was so excited and she asked me lots of questions about terminology and I explained a little about the spinning that we saw. It was such a pleasure to have her with me.  Below is a short video I put together of the photos of yarn as well as some footage I took.

Jeantelle’s socks have been blanked out because I know she reads this blog.
The white is an undyed sock yarn that I will try dying when I am in Z.A. The pink, blue and purple is called Fairy Dust and that is for me. The Yellow and silver is for my mom, and the Blue is for my M-I-L. (The last two dont seem to have colourway’s unfortunately)


After all the yarny excitement E and I met T and M-I-L at St. Andrews Square and then walked up Carlton Hill. See my previous pictures of that place here. By the time we were at the top I was STARVING. My M-I-L had a little packet of nuts for me that kept me going until I got home.

Here is a picture that T took of the Castle with his mom while I was at the Yarn Festival. I am showing you because the next day we went to go visit the castle.

On Sunday we set of nice and early to go and see the Castle. I took some photos while we walked up the Hill.

Interesting painting of these houses.


“Sir Patrick Geddes FRSE (2 October 1854 – 17 April 1932) was a Scottish biologist,[2] sociologist, geographer, philanthropist and pioneering town planner. He is known for his innovative thinking in the fields of urban planning and sociology.” – Wikipedia

I just saw the plaque and thought it looked cool.

A strangely placed cute ornament. It looks like a large cat.


The Castle
Looking back down the Royal Mile from the Castle
This was by the entrance. I wonder if they still light it during the Edinburgh Tattoo.


“No one provokes me with impunity”
Looking back at the gatehouse from inside.

The only other Castle that I can remember going to is the Cape Town Castle, and the first thing that really struck me is how large it is inside. It looks like a little village inside where as I did not get that feeling at the Cape Town Castle.


A view of Prince’s street and the Gardens from the Castle wall.
This was the original way down to the walls from the castle but once guns and cannons became bigger they built another way.
You can see Carlton Hill in the distance.
T being silly.


I took this photo with Ethan in mind because I know he works with museums and archeologists so I thought he might find it interesting.


I am in love with the decorative architecture


I don’t know why but this reminds me of something out of Game Of Thrones by the Wall.


This sampler was hand stitched by Regimental Sergeant-Major John Sherrington… In your face! people who think that handcrafts are girly. 😛
These are Dirks and my mother has one which my Scottish Grandfather brought over. I should ask her to send a picture of it. Ours looks a lot like number 4


I thought that this was so sweet.


This cannon looks like it is poised to knock down the Scott monument… which reminds me I have a story to tell you.

So on Friday M-I-L was looking at the Scott Monument and she asked me of whom the statue in the middle was. I said I didn’t know but I did find a plaque so I soon found out…. I am so daft sometimes. I thought that this was the Scott Monument as in a monument to the Scotts. Nooooo. This is the Scott Monument as in a monument to Sir Walter Scott. *Face palm*

At this time I was so exhausted that I just sat down on the ground for a rest.


I just love these little window bays, I would love to spend a day sitting there and knitting or sewing.
We found a place inside the castle for some coffee and cake.

Shoooo that was a lot of photos. Well now I shall tell you a little bit about my experience of the castle.
When I first heard that the castle was £16 per person I thought that it was quite exorbitant. At the moment that is about R255 ! Most of the museums and castles that you have to pay for are about £5. But now that I have been there I totally know why! There is just the general castle to see. Then there is also the National War Museum. Then there is also the First Regimental Museum and then also the Royal one I think. And then there is also the Royal Honours Museum all inside the castle grounds. So now I know why it is so expensive. They were all in really good condition and I assume that it takes a lot of upkeep. However, I found it way too overwhelming. By the end of it we stopped taking photos because we were tired and a little cold. And There was just too much to take in. We didn’t really read the signs in the museums, we just kind of glanced at the things which caught our eye and then moved on and even so it took us the whole day to go through the castle! By the end my tailbone area was soooo sore and it even hurt to sit down. I was just in so much pain from standing and walking all way. I would much rather it was split into different museums which were separate so that I could pay £5 for each and go visit one in a day and actually go through it thoroughly and enjoy it properly.

On the way home we also stopped past the Tartan Weaving mill. I discovered that T’s family name has a tartan but there are quite a few options depending on which family of that name you are from. So I decided that if I do get something in Tartan for myself I will just get the Armstrong because I know that that was my Grandfather’s tartan… he was Wellwood Armstrong and there is absolutely no doubt of which tartan that is. T will have to do more family research to find out which his is.

And that was pretty much it for my week. And I am even exhausted again just retelling the story of it. Haha. So I will let you wind down with some pictures of the cats … my mom’s phone is working again YAY!

Pangaea aka PanPan has moved into the lounge and claimed this chair as hers.
Panpan cuddling Siobhan
Sleepy Face
Salty poo being an adorable munchkin.


And we can’t forget Zoe!


Woke up from a nap to have a bath
Passed out from the exhaustion of bathing 😛
IMG-20170310-WA0025 - Copy
This seems to be her new spot in my mom’s bedroom. And I hand embroidered that cloth that she is sitting on.
Sleepy cuddles with Siobhan


Those dreadlocks are starting to show in her neck again. I have a feeling it is going to be me cutting them out when I come to visit.

And that is it for my blog post today. I hope that you have enjoyed it.
Love Diella


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