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The Week of the Salty Scoundrel

Hello again readers, this week that I am about to tell you about feels like an extraordinarily long week.

Last Sunday I finished off my Granny’s shawl and blocked it out. By Monday morning it was all dry and I took some picture’s wearing it so that my mom could see what it looked like.


Then the rest of the day was spent doing housework. Well almost the rest of the day. After I had done most of my chores there were still one or two left that I really didn’t feel like doing. I so didn’t feel like doing them that I started procrastinating pretty hard.
Now when I was in Z.A. I had a big special scrapbook set aside for scrapbooking my wedding. I have never scrap booked before but it just seemed like the right thing to do. And I had kept lots of little things to stick in from my wedding and my honeymoon. But for some reason I just never got around to it. So much so that I left the book in Z.A. thinking that I would never ever get around to it. Well… today I did! Haha that’s how much I was procrastinating. Here’s a picture of my gloriously messy desk.IMG-20170320-WA0008

At a certain point I realised that I needed to go and purchase a specific kind of glue so I went for a little walk. It may be cold in Scotland but when the Sun decides to appear  you still wish you had your sun glasses with you!


On Tuesday I mainly knit but then I got a rather distressing message from my sister to say that Salty was missing. For those of you who don’t know Salty is my cat whom I hand raised and then had to leave with my mom when I left the country. She is about 3 or 4 years old now. My parents were at their holiday house and my sister was at home looking after the animals. On Monday night there had been a thunder storm and my sister had not locked the pets up because they are not usually affected by it. But on Tuesday she said that she had not seen Salty since that Monday night. Lightning had struck nearby so there had been an extra loud bang which could possibly have scared her.

At first I didn’t worry too much because she had only been missing a little over 12 hours and cats usually go exploring but I was a little worried so I did some art.


Then as time went on and my parents had gotten back and she still didn’t show I started to get more stressed out. My parents went walking around the neighborhood looking for her a couple of times with no success. They also spoke to all their neighbours because we were worried that she might be stuck in their property. She is not a confident jumper so in order to get over our wall she climbs the trees. But the neighbours don’t have trees on their side next to the wall so she sometimes gets stuck. But they had not seen her. I felt so helpless not being able to help look for her. So I went onto Facebook and as I am still a member of some of the residents groups for my parents suburb I posted messages saying that she was missing with a picture of her. I was distraught I couldn’t cook, I just sat on the couch continually refreshing my messages in hope that someone had seen her.

Around 8 or 9pm my time, so 10 or 11pm my parents time Salty arrived home! She waltzed in through the window like nothing at all had happened. I was so totally and utterly relieved.


I asked my mom to keep her locked in for the night (a window is usually left open for the cats to come and go as they please) in case she was still a bit rattled. But my father said no, he said that he couldn’t possibly punish her for coming home by locking her in! I think that he thinks of her too much like a human.

On Wednesday I was just settling down to try and be productive when I asked my mom how my little munchkin was doing. Alas she was no where to be found. This is when we realised that maybe she had not been lost before but rather she was just off doing her own thing. My mom mentioned that she had hardly eaten anything even though she had been missing for over 24 hours. My mother and I guess that she was now off visiting another family.

This made me distraught again but now in a different way. I was not worried for her safety but now grappling with the moral / ethical conundrum. I totally and utterly love Salty, having hand raised her she means everything to me and I am so fortunate to have her living with my mom because my mom always takes pictures of her for me. It breaks my heart to think of her going off to some other family and no longer being in my life. BUT at the same time… is it fair to force someone to be somewhere where they don’t want to be? I was so confused because she always looks so happy in the pictures that my mom sends. Anyway my unhappy feelings took over and I found that I couldn’t even knit. So I did some art. Some blue art. I went through my supplies and found everything that was blue and then messed around with that.


I also started feeling really depressed, I started just wanting to go to bed and sleep even though I wasn’t tired and that is something I do when I am not emotionally well. So I cuddled up on the couch with a blanket, my bear, and some coffee with hot chocolate and just waited. I was feeling so down that I was not sure if I could film my usual podcast on Thursday. I just didn’t have the energy to be excited and discuss my knitting.


Eventually my mom skyped me and said that we should chat on skype because my dad was out but if Salty heard my mom’s voice chatting she might come home to it. We’ll we chatted for about an hour and I don’t know if it was coincidence but she came home!


Here is a little video of some video clips and photos of Salty that my family have sent me this week.

So the current plan of action with regards to Salty is to keep her locked inside until I get back to Z.A. in about 3 weeks time. When one acquires a new cat or kitten one is often advised to keep it inside for a number of weeks to let it bond to the house. We did already do that but maybe we can try doing it again. There is always one of my family members at home, they play with her they cuddle her they don’t freakout at her for biting them, she always has food in her food bowl, she gets tuna as a treat in the mornings.. We really don’t think that is the way she is treated that is making her leave. It is most likely Pangaea (aka PanPan). The other cat. At first they didn’t like each other but eventually they became used to each other. They do not fight or guard food from one another, but Pangaea has obviously claimed my mom and my mom’s bedroom as hers. And it is obvious that Salty respects that. My mom even finds that if she tries to show too much attention to Salty that Panpan starts attacking Salty.
Salty does try and be with my sister but it gets awkward because Zoe (my sister’s dog) gets jealous because she is not allowed on the bed and Salty is. She also starts becoming protective of my sister’s lap. So I think that maybe Salty feels like she doesn’t have a human. 😦 Although since she’s been under house arrest my sister has been sending me lost of photos of her cuddling Salty so I don’t know how Zoe is doing.

If Salty still wants to leave after her time at home and after I have been to visit, we will have to track down the family that she is visiting and chat to them. See if they want her and if they will be good owners. 😦 I am worried that she will bond with them, forget about us, bite them and then get thrown out onto the street. (She sometimes bites for absolutely no reason. No one touched her, no wind was blowing, NOTHING HAPPENED! And she suddenly bites) I am also worried that maybe someone thinks she is a stray because she doesn’t wear a collar and because she had dreadlocks (We can’t brush her or she’ll bite) so we cut the dreads out every couple of months but that is traumatic too because you have to scruff her to stop her squirming. But she is micro-chipped so the SPCA or vet will know who she belongs to.
Also there is also the option that she is simply out exploring and also hunting her own food.

ANYWAY enough of the cat stuff. Thursday I felt much better with Salty being at home so I managed to film my podcast although  I spent most of my time talking about Salty.

I always do my make-up for my podcast so I spend the rest of the day looking fancy 😛


I ran out of milk… and my desire for milk was stronger than my desire to stay home. My mom asked if it was cold and wet and dark. So I looked out the window.


I said yes… but that is not the reason that I don’t want to go out. I have a very warm coat. I am just lazy. 😀


All the yellow is/are daffodils.


While I was out getting milk I picked up a treat to make myself feel better. I love these they are 75p for 5. That is roughly R11 for 5 Doughnuts! I found the jam ones too runny last time and I am not a fan of store custard so I just bought the plain ones. Mmmm delicious.

I took these photos for a friend who wanted to know what they looked like. I think he thought that there must be something wrong with them since they were so cheap.


On Thursday evening after I had finished editing my podcast I decided to cast on one of the gloves that I wanted to get my knitting group to knit. I wanted to test the pattern first. I was feeling kind of stressed because I had my knitting lesson to teach on Saturday and T had just told me that the rental agency is doing their inspection on Tuesday! So I was panicking about the house being up to scratch.


On Friday morning I published my knitting podcast. Finished the one glove and finished Jeantelle’s socks!


They are a surprise

I was just settling down to start my uncle in law’s socks with a nice cup of tea and some good podcasts to watch… when the horrific happened. I knocked the entire full cup of tea onto my laptop. It was tea with milk and sugar. And the laptop turned itself off which is very very bad. I freaking out majorly. I usually put my cup behind my laptop … I have no idea what made me put it in front this time. I mopped up as much of the tea as i could and I took the battery out. I was  messaging my dad, my friend Ethan and T all at once getting advice on what to do. In my panic i for some reason decided that I needed to take the keys off. After 3 keys i realised that I was just breaking it and making things worse. I decided to step away and wait for T to come home. I went and watched T.V. in the lounge since I can’t spill tea on that.  Unfortunately we don’t have any interesting channels.




When T came home he had bought me a chocolate bunny to cheer me up. I still haven’t touched it because it’s just too cute.


He then meticulously took it apart. We discovered that most of the components were dry except for the motherboard  😦 That had got wet and it had corrosion on it. We put it back  together and resolved to take it in to a repair shop the next day.

I also found out that 2 of the 5 ladies I am teaching were out of town this weekend for U.K. mother’s day, so it had to be postponed to next week. Great another week of trepidation.

Saturday was such a sunny day! And even though 16 degrees C is not hot by South African standards I seem to have adjusted quickly and I found it too hot. (in the sun not indoors) I was melting during our long walk to the repair shop. We stopped for some coffee/ ice-cream on the way back. E and T had coffee and I had a mint and chocolate ice-cream.


I then went to knitting group which was lovely. They all commiserated with me over my cat and my broken laptop. And I got to meet 3 new members. They were all really lovely.

On the way back it was still  sunny so I snapped a quick pic.


After supper E invited us out to go to a new bar with her. Well it was new to us. The first bar was a German inspired bar, so T, E and their friend had beers and I had a Mead as I am not a huge fan of beer. I also did some knitting there as we sat there for a long time and chatted. About the important art of making a potjie Haha. I don’t know how that came up. T and E’s brittish friend was very confused.


Then we went on to another pub where they again had beers but this time I had a GnT. And again I did some more knitting.


We landed up getting fish and chips take-away and going back to our place to eat. It was really weird because we stayed up until 2 but really it was more like 1am… because the clocks rolled forwards an hour on Sunday. It was a little confusing.

And on Sunday, today, we woke up a bit late feeling a bit disorientated by the weird time. We then met E at the Prince’s street Starbucks… is it weird that one would go to a Starbucks for the view? This one is pretty.

I had a salted caramel and macadamia nut latte


See what I mean about the view!

If you do go to the Prince’s street Starbucks you must go upstairs. The down stairs is actually their take away bar, you can also order up-stairs and that is where all the nice chairs and pretty views are.

So finally we get to the part I am sure that you have all been waiting for. The kitties! and Doggie.


Panpan trying to get involved with my mom’s still life.
Salty is now wearing her harness a lot so she can have supervised outside time.
Pangaea has never ever warn a harness and this picture just cracks me up


Naww isn’t she such a cutie!

Well that is it for my week and it is quite enough if you ask me! Here’s hoping that next week is a better one!!

Lots of love,

Diella ❤


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