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The week of beading

Hello Again my lovely readers! It feels so good to be chatting again with you this week.

As a side note before I really get into my blog I just wanted to say that it is only two weeks now before I go back to Cape Town! In fact this time in two weeks I shall be in Z.A. ! I really can’t believe how time has flown by. I am very excited to be seeing friends and family and pets again… but I am also very nervous to be flying on my own for the first time. Since most of my readers are South African I was wondering if you still want me to continue with my blog for the couple of months that I will be in Cape Town? Or will that be boring for you?

Anywhoo onto Sunday of last week.

Last Sunday we were a little disorientated by the time change. Day light savings dictated that the clocks went forward by an hour on Sunday and everything felt a bit weird. For instance on Saturday night we stayed up until 1am of Sunday but because the clocks went forward we actually stayed up until 2am. It was weird.

We were having our first rental inspection on Tuesday so we spent a lot of Sunday sorting out the house and making sure things were extra tidy.

In the evening we were also caught out by the time change. The below photos of the beautiful sunset we had were taken at 8pm.


On Monday I worked like a crazy lady at cleaning the house. Not just the usual things that I do every week but also things like cleaning the windows, the inside of the oven and microwave all those sorts of things.

I also had to sort out the top of our dresser which was covered in my stuff. Unfortunately I did not take a before photo but I have a photo below of when I moved it all onto the bed and then after when it was sorted out.


I also had to tidy up my craft room, I don’t have pictures but if you are an arty / crafty person you will know it can be kind of hard to tame a craft room.

That evening because it was still so light when T came home from work we went for a little walk around the city.


As far as I can tell these Daffodils are not planted, they just spring up on their own.


Tuesday was the day of the dreaded inspection. We were told that the inspector would be coming between 9am and 4pm. I was very worried that I was going to spend the whole day waiting and worrying. Yes I do worry about worrying. I’m meta like that. 😛 Anyway so I was very lucky and the inspector came around 10am and he was very quick and friendly and he didn’t complain about anything so although we didn’t get any feed back I presume things are fine.

On the previous Saturday when I was at my knit group some people had been talking about going to the different charity shops in Edinburgh and that you can sometimes get really good deals on 2nd hand yarn and needles. So as a reward to myself for my stressful start to the week I decided to go and browse. I didn’t count the number but I landed up going a bit overboard and went to around 8-12 shops!

At the first charity shop that I went to I didn’t find any yarn but the shop was called Pets in Need of Vets and there was someone selling pins / badges to raise money so I bought one partly because I want to support the initiative but also partly because I loved the pin.


It is living in the kitty cat notions pouch I sewed for myself a few years ago.


Then one of the things I bought which was a good deal was this bolt of fabric. Even though it had some cut out it was still a good buy for 3 pounds.


The next item was not a good purchase. I feel into the trap of 50p and thinking 50c. But actually it’s more like R9. Each of these squares were 50p and I bought 10 so I paid 5pounds. Which is about R85…. not a good buy considering I don’t even do patch work. I just wanted to see if I could make some cute bags out of them.  They are 25cm x 25cm.


Then the last things I bought were a great deal and they were balls of wool for 2pounds each. That is R34 and they are pure superwash marino and baby alpaca.  The purple ones are 55% Merino, 33% Acrylic and 12% cashmere.


I wanted to make a scarf for T and a scarf for T’s father and mittens for T and mittens for me. But I realised that I didn’t have enough. T said that I could go back the next day and buy what was left of the grey merino and baby alpaca wool.

I also finished knitting the socks for my uncle in law.


And I tried my hand at brick beading. This is where you basically weave with beads and thread. It came out terribly. It was supposed to be a heart but I gave up on it while it was still a triangle. I also kept getting the thread on the outside which you are not supposed to do. I am keeping it as I keep most of my first ever’s of a craft so I can see my improvement over time.


I also only had brown seed beads which were the correct size! And I was using sewing thread instead of nylon thread. T helped me look for beading stores in Edinburgh.

On Wednesday I set out to go and buy the rest of the grey wool and to try and find some beads.
On the way I took some photos to show my mom, I think that Edinburgh is so beautiful even when it is grey and cloudy.


I was very sad when I got to the store with the wool. They only had one ball of grey left! So I bought it and felt very sorry for myself.

At the beading store I found that the seed beads here are way too expensive. I was supposed to use Miyuki Delica beads which are cylindrical so they lie flat next to each other but they didn’t even stock those.

I bought a pink lot of the small packet which was 1pound 45. which is R24,65.


But in South Africa I can buy a big packet like the one below for R5!!! So when I get back to Z.A. I am going to stock up on the whole rainbow of seed beads!


I also bought some nylon thread which flattens when you use it so that you can go through the same bead multiple times.

So when I got home I used my new nylon thread and my new pink seed beads and tried out a tutorial from The Corner of Craft. I made a bow. The reason that I bought the pink beads is that you usually need at least two colours and you also need contrasting colours.


This is what her’s looked like and how mine should have looked had I used the miyuki delica beads.


I then started the shawl for my Mother-In-Law. I really like how it is working up.


Then I painted my nails because I was podcasting the next day. I am showing my tools because when I do nail stamping people often wonder how I did it. I got my kit in South Africa from Essence. You can buy the kit or you can buy the plates with designs separately. I did a leopard print but because I only have one colour of nailpolish it didn’t turn out the best.


As usual Thursday is my podcasting day. By the way, Coo won the position of being by co-host on the podcast by a long way. I did a little skit with him and Sheepy in my knitting podcast.


After I was finished filming, the podcast took a long time to edit because I was using T’s laptop and I couldn’t use windows movie maker. Why? Because in January of this year microsoft disabled support for it and pulled the download from their website. And I don’t want to download it from somewhere else and then get viruses on T’s laptop. So I used another program and had to fight with it a lot.

Once I was finally done I tried another brick beading tutorial. This time I did a music note / quaver. I accidentally attached the bead that I had attached the clasp to, to the bottom. Derp.


Then I decided to illustrate another Haiku from my mom’s art inspiration group. She often posts Haiku’s there which she has found, and they are meant for you to be inspired by.


On Friday I TRIED to upload my podcast video. TRIED! I started the upload and noticed it was really slow so I checked the file size. 14 GIGS!! People! that is insane! So I tried to change some settings and it went down to 7gigs. So I tried uploading that. I started at 8am. By 4pm I was totally fed up and I am pretty sure that it had crashed. Because if I opened the video it said it was processing, but if i looked at the video manager it said that it was still uploading!


While I was waiting for all this I watched news on the T.V. (so as to not mess with the bandwidth) and I started to crochet the scarf for my father in law.


I actually landed up finishing the scarf that evening at about 5 or 6.

I also messaged my mom and asked if I could have her collection of seed beads. She sent me some pictures of them. We are going to do a trade, she will give me the beads and I will make her as many charms as she wants. 😀


On Saturday the best thing ever happened. I phoned the laptop people and they said that my laptop was fixed! Yes you read that correct. FIXED! So I no longer have to fight with T’s laptop and use stupid programs that I hate!!

Oh yes about the video. So on Saturday I exported the video about 10 times each time fiddling with different settings. In the end I have no idea how I did it but I got the size down to 1 gig and it uploaded fine. It did take 2 hours but it uploaded.

Anyway so I also got to pick up my laptop and I am so happy. There is going to be absolutely no liquid in my craft room until I acquire a stand for my laptop and an external keyboard. I already have an external mouse. I spent a large part of Saturday copying stuff off my laptop onto our external hard drive so that it can’t be lost that way again.

So in the evening I taught friend E to knit! We decided that since her friends kept not being able to make it, I would just teach her and if in the future they can make it then I will teach them then. E picked it up really quickly! She made hardly any mistakes and she even managed to chat to T at the same time!!


And that was pretty much it for our weekend. We had a lovely supper of finger foods and we watched Zootopia because I love it and T and E had not seen it yet.

Now for the section you have all been waiting for… Salty and Panpan.

Here is a little video of Salty during the week. There are a couple of clips contained in the video. 1. Playing with a shoe. 2. playing with paper 3. cuddles and nose boops 4. happy to be outside on the lead 5. dopey after going to the vet  6.normal playing again 7. Salty ambushes Panpan and Panpan runs into a wall 8. Salty does some questionable things to my sisters blanket 9. The crazy outdoors contraption

Cute cuddles up close
I miss these cuddles
longing to go outside


Look at that fluffy tummy!
Salty looks crazy here
Floopy arms. Or flopsy cuddles

I have a little story about Salty. Our cats go to the vet once a year for their snuffles injections. Snuffles is cat flu. How cute is that name?! Anyway so they have to go for their innoculations. It was Salty’s turn and my dad was taking her down to the vet. When he got there he asked if the vet could do the snuffles, deworming, defleaing, and also remove one of her dreads from her chin. ( my family had cut out the ones that weren’t under her chin. ) He then warned the vet that Salty does bite. the vet looked concerned but decided to try alone first before calling for an assistant. Well Murphy’s Law and all… Salty lay down quietly and did not move or make a noise at all the whole time! If you have met Salty in real life you know that this is basically a miracle.

You decide to open your mountain of mail? I’ll lie on it and we can pretend it’s not here
The amazing pulley contraption for unsupervised outdoor time
Checking out my father’s birds
Salty checking out Panpan checking out her litter box.
Salty’s unrequited love for my sister. Haha I’m just kidding


So thank you again for reading my blog and I hope that you enjoyed it!

Please feel free to leave me a comment. 🙂

Love Diella


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