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The Week in which I realised …

how soon I am going back to South Africa!

In fact it is so soon, less than a week, that I am in full panic mode. At first I was not going to blog but then I didn’t want to let you down. So I am going to post the photos but I will not be writing about my week. Maybe you can imagine your own stories to go with the pictures.

Arthur’s Hill

IMG_2837IMG_2841IMG_2845IMG_2851IMG_2856IMG_2857IMG_2859IMG_2867IMG_2868IMG_2870IMG_2873IMG_2875IMG_2876IMG_2878IMG_2880IMG_2881IMG_2890IMG_2892IMG_2895IMG_2903IMG_2910IMG_2912IMG_2940IMG_2945IMG_2952IMG_2981IMG_2982IMG_2989IMG_2993 - CopyIMG_2996 - CopyIMG_2998 - CopyIMG_3000 - CopyIMG_3004 - CopyIMG_3010 - CopyIMG_3015 - CopyIMG_3027 - CopyIMG_3028 - CopyIMG_3029 - Copy

The Rest of the Week

IMG_20170403_181032 - CopyIMG_20170407_153728 - CopyIMG_20170408_215307 - CopyIMG-20170407-WA0038

Cats and Dogs

IMG-20170403-WA0022 - CopyIMG-20170403-WA0023IMG-20170403-WA0025IMG-20170405-WA0069IMG-20170405-WA0070IMG-20170405-WA0072IMG-20170405-WA0103IMG-20170405-WA0105IMG-20170405-WA0113IMG-20170405-WA0121IMG-20170405-WA0128IMG-20170406-WA0018IMG-20170409-WA0043IMG-20170409-WA0048


❤ Love Diella


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