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First Week back in Cape Town

Hello Readers,

I don’t know if this was a very long week or if it just felt really long to me. Hehe. I am also sorry that this post is late again. It seems like Sunday’s in Cape Town disagree with my blogging schedule.


Pangaea has moved onto the end of my bed. I am sleeping on two single mattresses on top of one another on the floor. And she is sleeping on the foot end. She used to sleep there when I lived here too. It started because I got her in winter and the wall heater is at the end of my bed, so even though it is not on now, being hot weather, she still sleeps there out of habit.

I was actually expecting Salty to move in with me since Pangaea usually claims my mom but Salty is giving me the cold shoulder.


Monday in Cape Town was a public holiday so my dad didn’t have to work. So when we all got up we went for a walk on the Green Belt. Our favourite place to walk. I like it there because I have so many memories there and also because dogs are allowed off the lead there. I went to my sister and asked her, ” Sal die Hondjie saam kom?”, which in Afrikaans means will the dog come with? I said this in Afrikaans because I didn’t want Zoe to get excited if she wasn’t coming with. But it turns out that she seems to have learned Afrikaans too because she got excited anyway. Haha, lucky for her she did come with.


The walk was nice but much hotter than I had bargained for. I decided that I would take all my walks from then on early in the morning or late in the evening.

Then I went down into my mom’s garage where all the creative things happen, and I went through my fabric stash that I had left at her house. I made a mental list of what was there and what I want to use for making dresses and what I want for making project bags.


Pangaea was still chilling on my bed and getting to know Coo.


Salty was being a crazy cat as usual.


On Tuesday I woke up early to lift my sister into University. She is still struggling with a very sore knee. We thought that it was a torn meniscus but the MRI said it wasn’t. Then she had a cortisone injection under her knee cap and that only made it more sore. And now it’s back to the same pain.
Then I cuddled with Pangaea a little before my mom and I went to the fabric shop. I wanted to look at the price of fabric and also buy some interfacing and zips for the mock up dresses I want to make with my existing fabric.


The Printed cotton Knit was R59 / meter

Jersey Knit
Jersey Knit

The 100% Cotton Vintage Prints were R79 / Meter

Vintage Cotton Print
Vintage Cotton Print


Vintage Cotton Print
Vintage Cotton Print

The Poly Cotton is R25 / meter



Once I got home I cut out my pattern pieces for the dress I wanted to sew but I practiced patience and I didn’t start sewing. That is a big problem which I have, I pick a day where I have nothing else to do and I start a sewing project and then I want to finish it THAT day! But it means that if I start running out of time I sometimes take shortcuts or rush things. Then I get frustrated with the imperfections in the garment which I know I could have avoided and then I don’t want to wear it. So this was me practicing taking my time and sewing something over multiple days.

That evening we went to say good-bye to my Uncle and Aunt and their little children at the airport. They came down from London to visit my family just before I left to come here. This was the 3rd time I was going to the airport in the space of 7 days. Saturday I arrived, Sunday I said goodbye to my sister in law, and Tuesday I went for my uncle and aunt!


We went to the Spur because my British cousins are young and they like it there, it is a very kid friendly restaurant. I ordered a cream soda float (ice-cream in creamsoda) and it came with sprinkles.


In the evening my sister was in my room and for the first time Salty and Panpan were both in my room. At this point Salty was still ignoring me thoroughly and only came in because Siobhan was there.


On Wednesday I sewed my dress after dropping my sister off at Uni! I was only planning to start it but it went so quickly that I landed up finishing it.


I am so proud of the understitching I did and the nice lining. Everything looks so neat! Also I thought that the dress would be thin in cotton but because there is the fabric and then also interfacing and then a lining too i think it will be quite warm with a cardigan and leggings.


Thursday my mom and I dropped my sister at Uni and then went to an appointment she had. I sat in the waiting room and did the hem of my dress which was the last thing it needed. And then we went to go and visit my gran. She does not drive any more so my mom visits her once a week and takes her to the mall to do her shopping and banking. We then stayed and had lunch with her afterwards. I also booked my TB scan for next week. That is something which I need to do for my visa.

While I was there I was knitting my socks. And my granny asked if they were going to fit. I said yes because I did them 64 stitches same as I always do.

When we got home Panpan was asleep on my bed again.


Then Siobhan and I went to go sit on the grass so that she would brush Zoe. When I lay down Salty came over and gave my head a bath. That was the first time that she started to forgive me.


That evening after supper I decided to try the socks on since I know that the recipients feet are only slightly bigger than mine, I was a little worried after what my gran had said considering I was knitting on 2,25mm needles instead of my usual 2,5mm needles…. well they didn’t fit. They were way too tight they hardly went over my foot. I thought that it may just be the cuff that was too small. Since I had already knit the cuff, ankle, and heel on both socks. So I inserted a life line, cut off the cuff and reknit the cuff on 2,5mm needles. It actually went on my foot much smoother this time. But it was still pretty tight and as I said the recipients feet are slightly bigger…. So I pulled them all out, wound them up and went to bed.

On Friday I started knitting the socks again on a bigger needle this time. And I also caught up on some of my podcasts.



I posted my First Cape Town knitting podcast episode.

Salty started making little appearances into my room but she always lies on the carpet and never the bed.


She also decided to climb my dad’s Avery and sit on top of it.


And my sister showed me that the bag I had made her last year to take her books to university, had broken, so I made her a new one. I love the rainbow hearts material.


In the evening we went out for supper with some family friends and I wore the new dress which I made.


Salty has taken to sleeping on a camping chair in my sister’s bedroom.


She also likes to chew the sainsbury’s packet which is in my room!


On Saturday Siobhan and I had a little picnic in the garden and it was really nice and Zoe started being all silly.


Ant in the bottom of my mug

Then we decided to go out to the shops since my dad was going out and my mom was hosting an art workshop. We looked at lots of shops and we stopped for lunch. We went to a place called anat and had shwarmas. I took lots of pictures for my friend Miss E in Edinburgh to show our friends because there they something they call a kebab which is apparently similar but made with canned meat.


At Typo I saw this cute little cat mug! I was restrained and didn’t buy it though.


And that is it for the week from Panpan and I. We are very tired now and are probably going to go sleep. 🙂


❤ Diella xoxo



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