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The week of the headaches

Hi again.

Yuss! some consistency. 2 weeks in a row counts as consistency for me right now. 😛 Overall it was quite a good week this week just a bit of head trouble.

Sunday I kind of covered last week but I forgot to mention that I went a head and broke in my new sketchbook which will be dedicated to just drawing faces from reference.

I decided to start by drawing someone who I like to follow on Instagram called Chouchama. She has a really awesome pastel aesthetic but it also has a little dark side in it.


I am really sorry about the gross watermark I put on my art but I really don’t want it to be used elsewhere on the internet without my permission and I don’t really like doing tiny images.

Monday I started off by drawing my friend from GuildWars 2 (the computer game) Klavdija which if you anglicized it would be Claudia if you were wondering.


Then I got to help my husband book his flight back to South Africa! YAY! I cannot wait to see him again. It has been over 3 months since we last saw each other in person. We Skype obviously.

I also discovered the #1monthmug challenge by Audra Auclair. Audra is an amazing Canadian artist whom I have followed and admired for almost a year now. She is in Instagram, tumbler and Youtube. I don’t go on Tumblr in case you wondered. The rundown of the 1 month Mug is basically a way for artists to improve their portrait or “face” drawing. Here are the steps.
Week 1 – Draw 5 Skulls a day – Study muscles on day 7
Week 2 – Draw 5 different facial features every day
Week 3 – Day 1 : 5 frontal faces
Day 2 : 5 side faces (profile)
Day 3 : 5 3/4 faces
Repeat and on Day 7 work on weakest angle
Week 4 – draw 5 unique angles a day

I would like to stress again that these are not my steps / challenge, this is Audra Auclair’s concept!

In the evening I went to cuddle Salty but she seemed to be in a grumpy mood. Also she seems to have really taken over the 3 seater-couch.


Then I went to my bedroom and found Pangaea there and she was more than happy to give me cuddles.


Tuesday I did my 2nd day of skulls. In the end I found that I more often than not only do 3 not 5 but I decided that any practice is better than none.


Still being in the creative mood I decided to find a portrait on Google and draw it. I was not really happy with how this came out.


My mom’s friend came over and I helped her a bit with her knitting. She was knitting socks and you all know how I love knitting socks. 😀

Then I started to get a headache (mine are muscular and usually caused by stress) so I had a nap with Pangaea. When my headache eased I drew another portrait, this time with the intention of painting it. I was much happier with this one however my headache came back.


I think that maybe stress plus bad posture when I draw is what is giving me my headaches.

I found that I could still use my laptop because I have it set up so that I am not straining at all so that’s what I did. And I don’t know if it was a particularly cold night but she decided to sleep on my lap while I played Diablo 3.


Wednesday I did my skulls and then added colour to my portrait painting. It is much more vibrant in real life. Again I am desperate to get back and use my scanner in Scotland again. Haha.


My sister started her new work / job shadowing that she has to do for 6 months now. So Zoe was following me around a lot.
Salty decided to sleep on top of the puzzle in the lounge!


And my dad left for Yzerfontein. This time my mom stayed down with us and only he went up because he still wants to get his flying lessons in.

Thursday I did my first ever gouache painting with my mom. Well she was there and painting while I was. We didn’t work on the same piece.

I got another headache and Zoe was missing my sister so we napped together on my bed which is a rare treat for Zoe. I don’t usually like dogs in my bed. It is so very infuriating for me to get headaches that might be linked to drawing. I do kind of slouch down over my picture but I don’t know what else to do with myself if I am not doing art. And if I play too much computer games I feel like I am just doing nothing with my life. I am going to try and do pilates stretches more often and maybe go for more walks. Although I do not feel safe enough to go for walks on my own or even with Zoe.


Friday I finished the gouache painting which I had had to leave due to my headache.


At some point in the afternoon the animals decided to give me a heart attack. A cat was screaming so loud that I thought that maybe a dog had bitten a cats leg off. Not our dog biting our cat but neighour A) has a cat and neighbour B) has two dogs and we have 2 cats and a dog and the three groups of animals don’t get on with each other.  Anyway so I ran through to the lounge to discover that Salty was sitting on the puzzle/table surveying from a distance and Pangaea was sat in front of the closed sliding door basically nose to nose with the neighbour’s cat Kerrie and screaming her head off. They couldn’t actually get to each other because the door was closed but Pangaea obviously wanted us to know that Kerrie was in our garden, on our stoep and she wasn’t having it.
I walked to the door and opened it, as I did Pangaea ran and hid under the table, while Kerrie ran across the garden, up a tree and back over the wall to her house.

That evening my mom, sister and I went to Canal Walk to meet my dad there for supper. Canal walk is kind of midway between our house and Yzerfontein and evidently my father had been missing us.
While I was there I made a bit of a bad purchase. I purchased the below phone stylus.


I honestly didn’t notice the fat stylus part at the top end of the pen and so I thought that there was a mini stylus on the bottom which would be good for writing with / drawing with on a smartphone. I don’t know why I thought that. Anyway so it was not a thin stylus but a fat stylus and an actual ink pen. I felt a bit stupid and a bit annoyed after that. (Lovely husband dear has ordered me something off the internet which is more to what I want)

Then all four of us went back home. My dad had suggested movies and then he would go back to Yzerfontein but there was nothing we wanted to watch and I wanted to spend more meaningful time with my family. So we drove home and had coffee and chatted and he went back to Yzerfontein from there. While the family was in the lounge Salty decided to chill in the puzzle box on top of the puzzle.


Saturday I was getting kind of tired of drawing skulls over and over so I copied some medical diagrams to familiarize my mind with the different sections of the skull. I don’t know the names but it helps me draw the shapes of the head better.


In the afternoon a friend and I took our dogs walking and they really had a lot of fun. We did too 😛


Zoe made a little bit of a mistake. So being a dog I guess she didn’t realise that the rain had filled up the river a bit more. So instead of being about 18cm deep it was now about half a meter (ish) deep. So she just jumped in as usual but instead of a little splash we just heard “plop” and then another “plop” as one of the other dogs followed her. She can swim fine and the water wasn’t flowing so I wasn’t worried about her… I was just laughing at her very surprised wet face.

In the evening my parents wanted to watch series. I don’t usually watch with them but they were starting something new so I chose Grimm…. and we are LOVING it! It is hilarious for me as my father jumps at all the jump scares, and he is a big guy! Not fat, I mean tall and big. so the whole couch moves when he jumps. Now I just want to watch more but I have to wait for my parents to be watching too.

Sunday I finally wore my finished Umbria jersey for the first time! I absolutely love it. It has turned out perfect.


I did my facial muscle study and then my friend came over to watch movies. We watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Repomen. Good grief I had forgotten how sad Repomen is. Anyway while we did that I did a painting of a skull as a final homage to my week of drawing skulls.


Other Bits and bobs:

Visa… I still have heard nothing. I have been given no updates and there have been no responses made to my emails or phone calls.

1monthmug … I will probably film a short flip through of my drawings so far and then post that onto youtube.

I hope that you are all keeping well and enjoying knitting, painting, drawing, or what ever it is you love to do.
❤ Diella


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