Elemental Doll; Aqua

Hi  All,

Just a warning I am writing one or two posts to be scheduled as I am going on holiday soon but I didn’t want to let that be an excuse for not posting anything.

So today’s post is about my first ever cloth art doll I have made to sell and her name is Aqua. She is part of an elemental series I am doing. Ignis, Ventus and Terra will follow, I have already drawn up their designs.

In case you are interested she is for sale on my Etsy.

Aqua 01

I had a lot of fun making this doll. I made another one first which I am keeping and her name is Proto, she is not elemental style. I wanted to make a prototype doll first because I made up the pattern for the doll myself and so I want to make sure that it all sewed up properly together. I also had to design the clothing myself and my dolls are a unique size and shape so I can’t just follow someone else clothing patterns.

Aqua 02

Everything about this doll is hand made. The shawl and lace is hand crochet. The face is hand embroidered. I sewed her little bag myself as well.

Aqua 04

I used a combination of hand sewing and machine sewing so that I could get that authentic hand made look but so that she is durable too.

Aqua 05

All of her clothes are removable so if you wanted to change her outfit you could. I did this because as a child I had a toy which had dungarees on. The straps were loose and could come off the shoulders but the body of the dungaree was attached and it frustrated me to no end!

Aqua 07

There are lots of little bits of this doll which could come off and be swallowed. As such this doll is intended for display purposes and is not intended for child play.

I had so much fun making this doll. When I designed the base doll pattern I decided to make it quite simple and this was so that I could focus on all of the details of the dolls clothes, accessories and hair. The details are my favourite part. I love art where every time you look at it you notice something else. I just get so absorbed with all my materials and supplies laid out around me and although I have a design that I work with I also let the inspiration take me where it wants to go as I create the doll.

I am so enjoying making these dolls and I have a whole lot of designs drawn up and I get new inspiration every day!

  • It took me a little over a week to make this doll.
  • She is 29cm tall.
  • She has a special little piece of sea glass, in her bag, which I found on one of my trips down to the beach.

I am sure that over the next few dolls my design and method will evolve but I just love each doll as it comes.

I hope you’re having a great week,

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