My First Custom Set Order

Hello Everyone!

Today I am going to show you the custom set that I have been working on as part of a test run to see how posting to South Africa goes. Having grown up in South Africa I have not had a great experience with the postal system. Things would take weeks and sometimes months to get to people who were even in the same city as me and sometimes they would even go missing. I have had a few people suggest that I try using a courier however they tend to be rather expensive and I can’t see someone wanting to buy a £5 item and have £17 shipping. So for this, we are going to try out the good old postal system.

But let’s move on from the blether and get to the good stuff. What did I make?! I made a matching crochet hat and glove set.


This particular set was made using Hayfield Bonus Breeze in the colourway 0477. This is 100% acrylic yarn because the recipient needs it to be machine washable. This is a double knitting weight yarn and I am mentioning this because I have been finding lately that there are a lot of patterns written in America and they all seem to call for a medium 4 weight yarn which is definitely thicker than DK but not as thick as DK held double. It seems to me that DK is more popular in the UK and so I have been thinking of writing up a bunch of my patterns for those people who want to use DK.

Both the Gloves and Hat are my own design.

I usually prefer a shorter cuff on my own gloves but the recipient requested longer ones.


The hat can be worn in 2 ways. It can be folded and worn as a fitted beanie or it can be not folded and worn as a slouchy beanie.

folded Brim
Slouchy Style

I really love this colourway, it reminds me of a muted rainbow. It is also amazing to me that the colour stripes work so well with the beanie pattern.

If people are interested in me writing up this pattern I was thinking of setting up Advertisement revenue on my blog and then I would have a free version on my blog or an ad-free PDF version on my Etsy. What do you think of that?

In other news, if you too want to order a custom listing all you have to do is go to my Etsy shop, look on the left-hand side under the categories and you will see that you can send me a custom order request. This means that we can chat about it via message and once we are happy I can make you a custom order listing from there. I won’t start work on it until you have purchased the listing and that way you won’t be locked into anything until you are sure that you are happy.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed this colourful post!
I will keep you updated on how the actual shipping works out.

Love Ellie


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