Easy DK Crochet Beanie

Easy DK Crochet Beanie


I designed this beanie specifically because most of the patterns I was finding were calling for worsted or Aran weight yarn but where I live in Scotland I find that DK is the most readily available weight yarn when I go into shops. So I designed this simple beanie pattern to use DK weight yarn.

Note: I do have a copy of this pattern on my PayHip for a small fee so if you do enjoy this pattern please consider purchasing it to help me make more patterns for you. The Etsy listing comes with two PDF’s one which has loads of pictures like this blog post and one which has fewer pictures so it is more printer-friendly. You will receive both with the purchase. Also, this page contains affiliate links whereas the PDF is ad-free.

I have tried to go into a lot of detail and include a lot of pictures so this pattern should be pretty beginner-friendly.

Wearing and size: This beanie can be worn in 2 ways. With the brim folded or with a bit of a slouch. If you want it to be longer and have more slouch or more brim you can chain more stitches to begin. There is no number repeat required so it doesn’t matter how many you do. The stitch is pretty stretchy and should fit most adult heads. My head is 56cm circumference. If you do want to make it larger you can always add some more rows.


I learned to crochet using American terms so that is what I have used here.

Stitches used: 

Slip Stitch
Half Double Crochet: Yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, pull through a loop (3 loops on hook) yarn over and pull through all 3.

What you will need: 

  • 4mm Crochet Hook also known as a G. My favourite hooks are by Clover. You can get them from Amazon here. Note this is an affiliate link! That just means if you purchase using my link I get a small amount of the proceeds at no extra cost to you.
    You can get the whole set here like I did. Or you can buy just the 4mm.
  • Double Knitting yarn – I used Robin DK in shade 35 but this should work with any DK yarn and any wool/acrylic blend or pure. Note: cotton is less stretchy so it might not work as well.
  • A tapestry needle or any needle with a big enough eye to accommodate the yarn
  • A pair of scissors
  • Optional: Stitch marker for saving your stitch when you need to put your work down.


Start by chaining 50 and 1 extra for turning (51)


  1. Half Double Crochet into the second loop from hook. Work into the camel hump of the stitches Half double crochet into the camel hump across the work. (50)
    This is the top of the chain with the front and back loops. Turn it over:
    These are the camel humps at the back. Working into these makes your starting edge look neater.
  2. Chain 2, turn. Half double crochet into the back loop only. (Note this is not the camel hump but the back loop) (50)
  3. Repeat row 2 until you have 46 repeats total
    At this point, mine measured 25cm tall and 41 cm wide
  4. Fold your work so that the two shorter sides are touching and slip stitch together. I find that it is neatest to slip stitch through the front loop of the side closest to you and through the back loop of the side furthest from you.
    Also, don’t worry if it looks like one side is longer than the other!
    This is just because your tension when you were working in to your starting chains was different to when you were working your rows. As long as you have the same number of stitches it will even out. Also once it is all sewn up it will not be noticeable at all.
  1. Turn the work inside out or rather right side out and she slip stitch seam will look nice and pretty.
  2. Cut a 30.5cm / 12 inch tail.
  3. Use that long tail to sew through the top of the hat. Weave in and out of the half double crochet rows.
  4. Once you get to the beginning again pull it tight / cinch it closed.
  5. Then sew the top of the rib rows opposites together until the crown looks good. Post your needle through and weave in your ends.  This might sound complex so I have included a bunch of photos.
    In this one you can see quite clearly that I am sewing opposite sides together.

And the great thing is that if you only used one colour then you only have 2 ends to weave in! Yay. Of course, you could change colours as often as you like with this one.


Feel free to sell any of your hand made items made using this pattern! If you sell at markets or on Etsy I hope that they are a really good item for you. However please do not redistribute or sell my pattern or photos in anyway.


I hope that you all enjoy this pattern as much as I do. If you make anything with it please tag me in your pictures  / send them to me so I can repost them!

If you have any problems or queries please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Peace, Ellie


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