Sock Quiz!

Karen of  the Nothing but Knit blog made a sock quiz and I just had to give it a go!

Here are the Quesions:

  1. Do you knit/crochet socks?
  2. If yes, how long have you been making them? If no, why not?
  3. What is your preferred method? Top down, toe up? Which needles? Do you have a preferred heel type?
  4. Have you gifted socks? Were they worn, loved and appreciated?
  5. Could you make nothing but socks for the rest of your life and be happy?
  6. One of the most addictive things about sock knitting is the amazing selection of fingering weight yarn that is available. What is your favorite yarn for socks? Do you prefer solid or multicolor yarn? Do you have a fiber preference?

And here are my answers:

  1. I knit my socks although I am on the hunt for an appealing crochet pattern to try and crochet some. I just feel like i have made so jolly many that I should at least try crochet ones.
  2. I have been making socks since 2016 when I saw a post from Attic24 about some socks that she was knitting at the time. At the time I was strictly a crochet-a-holic but I decided that I really liked the look of knitted socks and I did already know how to knit. Socks are actually what got me back into knitting again.first sock
    This was my very first sock ever! It was actually knit in 100% acrylic as I just wanted to see if I could manage it without spending the money on sock wool. I only made one. I really wish that I knew where it was haha.

    first pair
    And this was my first actual pair. I made them for my mom out of Opal 8821.

  3. My preferred method is cuff down but I must add that I have not actually tried toe down! That is another thing I should really try. I use magic loop one at a time (I have done two at a time on the same needles but I always end up with laddering) and I like 2,5mm needles. I use a heel flap and gusset with a slipstitch because my husband has a very high instep and is rather hard on his shoes and therefore I assume on his socks too.
  4. Yes I have gifted A LOT of socks! 😀 friends, family, family in-law. Not strangers though. Most of them have been worn and loved although some people have not said so I am not sure. Haha people who don’t tell me that they love them don’t get more socks knit for them… simply because they take a long time to make and I assue they are to embarrased to say that they don’t like them so they don’t say anything at all. Honestly I wouldn’t mind if someone said they dont like them. I know knitted things aren’t for everyone, and I would rather that they told me than I wasted my time knitting them more socks. But the person who gets the most socks knit for them is my husband and he adores them. He doesn’t wear store bought socks if he can help it, unless he’s going running.
  5. That is a really tough question. I don’t like knitting repeat things. For instance I very rarely knit the same colourway twice. And I love making loads of different things. But if I was given the choice of not being able to knit or crochet OR making only socks I would choose socks!
  6. Oh my goodness yes yummy sock yarn. So I prefer variegated yarn or striping over solid colours as I love to see what colour is coming next and it encourages me to knit more. I like using contasting colours for the heels because I don’t like it when the pattern striping gets messed up. Haha. As far as brands go. For my mother and myself I like any hand dyed sock wool that has a nylon content (some vendors sell sock wool without nylon and I am suspicious haha). For my husband I steer away from handdyed or and or merino. He does have 2 hand dyed pairs. But he wears his socks everyday to work so they get worn heavily and they also get machined washed (on a seperate wool cycle but still machine washed). I want to hand wash handdyed wool because of bleeding. And I am worried he’ll wear a hole through merino wool, I prefer BFL or something like that for him. Also if he’s wearing them everyday I am not handwashing them all! Long story short for husband I use Regia or Opal or his absolute favourite: West Yorkshire Spinners.

6 thoughts on “Sock Quiz!

  1. Just seen that you are a sock knitter! I love knitting socks, next to crocheting things of course. Just to say do try crochet socks but having made a pair myself they are not as comfortable as knitted ones, I can feel the texture of the crochet on the sole.

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  2. Also I am very fortunate that my husband’s socks are the same number of stitched as mine since his feet are only slightly bigger. So I don’t find knitting them too daunting. Incidentally I did knit a pair for socks for a friend who has size 11 feet… Never again 😂

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  3. Thanks for joining in!
    The first socks I knit were a worsted acrylic blend for my husband. He wore them (around the house) until there was almost nothing but holes:) I should knit him another pair in sock yarn but he has huge feet:( I kind of dread the thought of how long they will take.

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