Concurrent Sock Knitting

Dear all,

I would like to share with you today how I sometimes knit if I am worried about the dreaded second sock syndrome!

What is the dreaded second sock syndrome, if you are new to knitting socks you may not gave heared of this before. It is bascially when you have knit one sock and suddenly you find that you have no motivation to finish the second sock! thankfully this doesn’t often happen to me but I have heared that there a some people who have many half pairs of socks!

If I am worried about it or if the yarn comes in two balls I will often knit my socks concurrently. It is possible to split a full 100g ball before you begin but often I am not that worried about second sock syndrome that I would go through the effort. I have demonstrated the way that I do it using the Hobby Craft 2 of a Kind Socks because they came pre split.

Some people knit their socks two at a time, that is they knit 2 socks at once using a long, usually 120cm cable using the magic loop method. I have done this but I found that I had much more of a problem with laddering of stitches on the sides using this method than my one at a time method.

So The basic idea of knitting socks concurrently is that you knit the one cuff and then you knit the other cuff. Sometimes that is enough for me as I honestly find the ribbing the most off putting part.


Then I knit the one leg and then the other leg.


(I am using this photo to show the legs because it is the only other photo I had lying around that shows concurrent sock knitting and that isn’t the Hobby Craft socks I have shown for the last 3 blog posts! ) (You can also see here that I split the 100g ball into two 50g balls with my ball winder so that I could knit these concurrently)

Then I knit one heel and gusset and then I knit the other heel and gusset


And finally I finish one foot and toe and then the other foot and toe.


And there you have it concurrently knit socks that are finished more or less at the same time. You could do each heel seperately and then each gusset, then each foot seperate and then each toe. But I find doing the heel with the gusset and the foot with the toe just works as a natural flow for me.

I hope that you found this interesting and that it might help you if you were looking for a way of avoiding second sock syndrome but not using the Two at a Time method.

Peace and Love,

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