Mosaic Crochet

Dear Friends,

I have been crocheting for around 9 years and only this year I discovered mosaic crochet.

This is a really simple but cool technique that you can use to make things with patterns. You can use as many colours as you like but you need at least 2 contrasting colours.

For copyright reasons I can only show you what I have made as I don’t want to steal anyone else’s photographs. But you can see some amazing work on this youtube channel if you’re  interested.

The pattern I have worked up is called Apache Tears and it’s  a pretty simple one.

**For your information: in this post I will be talking in American Crochet terms.


There are much more complex patterns available out there.

From what I have seen there are 2 ways of completing this technique and so you’ll need to pic your pattern carefully depending on how you want to work it.

One way, the way that I have done this, is to always work from right to left without turning your  work. This means that you will have to cut off and re join your yarn every time you work a row. With this method you work single crochets  always in the back loop only and this leaves the front loop exposed for when you want to work the dropped double crochet. The dropped double crochet is worked into the front loop  of the row below.

Another method which I have not attempted but which I have seen works with chains instead of single crochet where the dropped Double crochets should be and it works in the normal back and forth with turning included. Here is a link to a tutorial which explains it with pictures. The benefit I see with this method is that the patterns are more square because there are 2 single crochets  for one dropped DC.  I have since been told by a blogging friend who has actually done this method that it, unfortunately, doesn’t make it more square. You can see her post here about her experience trying the two methods out. The other benefit is that you won’t have as many ends to deal with because you don’t need to cut and rejoin. However, a potential drawback I see (please note I haven’t actually tried this) is that if the loops of chains are too long they might snag on things if you are using this for something like a blanket. Of course if it were sealed like a cushion cover that wouldn’t be a problem.

As an aside the YouTube channel I linked to in the beginning does have good tutorials on how to deal with the ends left after doing the rejoining method. You can either twist the ends to make a nice tasselled edge or you can do a double folded brim which neatly encases all the ends.

Martin Up North also has a  nice wordpress blog and you can see some of his Mosaic Crochet there.

I hope that you liked this brief introduction to Mosaic Crochet. If you have done some Mosaic crochet work and blogged about it please feel free to share a link below in the comments. 😀

Peace and Love

13 thoughts on “Mosaic Crochet

  1. I that looks beautiful, and I have been crocheting since I was in high school (maybe primary school 🤔), and never in mosaic, thanks for sharing this 😊

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  2. I’ve seen some really amazing mosaic crochet. I must give it a try sometime though the idea of cutting the yarn every row makes me shiver because ends to sew in are my nightmare!

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  3. Oh! I hadn’t realised at the time of reading it how you were doing the two differently but now that I look at it again the photos of the back of the work makes it obvious that the one has return rows and the other doesn’t! Thank you for clarifying that for me, I will ammend my post! Do you mind if I link to your post?


  4. Just as a comment the other method doesn’t seem to make things more square, even though, as you say, you would think it would. As You might have seen on my recent post. The top blue one was made with(US terms) scs on two rows and dropped dcs over the chains. Except for the bit at the bottom where I did two scs for every square width ways. The best square version I could make was with hdcs for the return rows drop down trs and two stitches for every square width ways, but it was tricky reading the chart that way and I didn’t pursue it. If you experiment with this other sort of mosaic crochet in the future I look forward to seeing it.

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