2020 – 2021 Year of Projects START

A year of Projects

This is my first year of taking part in the Year of Projects. I discovered this group through reading Highland Heffalump‘s blog posts and I decided that it sounded perfect for me as I have a long list of projects to do.

Basically what it means is that every Sunday I am going to try and post here about what progress I have made in completing some of these projects, if any! Haha.

Taking another cue from Highland Heffalump I am going to try and come up with some sort of Key so that I can have icons next to the projects so that we can see what state they are in at a glance.

Have the Supplies for 🧶
Finished ⭐️
Frogged 🐸
Hybernating 😴
Added during the year 🦄

So here is my List so far. I hope that I have not forgotten anything! I did have to consolidate 2 handwritten lists and one digital one!




💜 Tapestry Inspired Granny Square Blanket (started 2019)

House and Home

💜 Mosaic Crochet Cushion Cover (started previous YOP year)

Tea Cosie (to be made at the same time as my mom’s first crochet project)

🧶 Angel Pattern This I got From Rainbow Junkie Blog.

Pattern Design

🧶 Crochet Fingerless Mittens

🧶 Crochet Scarf


Crochet Lace Top for Sister, Pattern from June issue of Inside Crochet



🧶 Lay Family Yarn Socks Husband

🧶 Sable Yarns Socks for self

🧶 WYS socks for Self

🧶 WYS socks 2 for self

💜 Cable Socks for Self (Started 2018)

🧶 Hand Spun Socks

🧶 Husband socks 1 Drops Fabel 905

🧶 Husband Socks 2 Drops Fabel 913

🧶 Husband Socks 3 Knit Craft 2 of a Kind Blue Mix

🧶 Husband Socks 4 King Cole Zig Zag 3419

💜 Husband Socks 5 Drops Fabel 602 (started previous YOP year)

🧶 Me Socks 1 Knit Craft 2 of a Kind Heather Mix

🧶Me Socks 2 Stylecraft Head Over Heels – Splash

🧶 Me Socks 3 King Cole Zig Zag 3241

🧶 Me Socks 4 King Cole Zig Zag 3235

🧶 Me Socks 5 King Cole Zig Zag 3248

🧶 Me Socks 6 King Cole Zig Zag 3239

🧶 Me Socks 7 King Cole Zig Zag 3266


🧶 Colourwork Beanie Husband (Pattern?)

🧶 Green Nettle yarn Scraf Husband (Pattern?)

💜 Knit cotton Shawl pattern by mom (started previous YOP year)

🧶 Alpaca Hat for Mom Pattern

💜 Handspun Swatch Scarf  (started previous YOP year)


💜 Cable Jumper Self (started previous YOP year)

🧶 Thrift Store Yarn jumper (Pattern?)

Colourful Yoke Cropped Sweater Pattern


💜 Knit Nativity Scene (started previous YOP year) Pattern is from a Magazine

💜 Memory Yarn blanket (started previous YOP year)

🧶 Scrappy Dishcloth

Scrubbies for dishes

Pattern Design 


🧶 Fingerless Mittens



🧶 Fix new chair covers so that they aren’t too big anymore

🧶 Harry Potter Cushion Cover

🧶 Lounge Cushion Cover

🧶 Christmas Tree Decoration



💜 My Little Pony Jumper 400g of fibre to spin

🧶 Purple Jumper 500g of fibre to spin

Spin for Jumper for sister

Spin for jumper or husband



Cross Stitch

🧶 Rabbit

🧶 Unicorn

🧶 Hedgehog

🧶 Peace Mini Van

🧶 Jug of Flowers

🧶 Happy Easter

💜 Cat Reindeer (started previous YOP year)

🧶 Robin

🧶 Flowers of Scotland

🧶 Flowers Tilleys of Stamford


Table Cloths and Tray Cloths

🧶 *Many*



🧶 Flowers for Mom


Needle Point

💜 2 Kaffe Fasset designs (started previous YOP year)


So that is my (what feels like SUPER LONG) list of projects. I actually don’t expect to do all of these in a year because I have a huge stash of embroidery things that were all given to me and while I want to work away at them slowly. My knitting, spinning and crochet always seem to take preference.

I hope that you are not overwhelmed by this post.

Peace and Love,
Happy Crafting!

29 thoughts on “2020 – 2021 Year of Projects START

  1. I make lists for almost everything too but for some reason when it comes to yarn, I just keep it all in my head and I’m somehow able to remember it…maybe I just feel like if I write it down I’d have to admit that I have too much yarn 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A lot of projects but it’s good to have it written down somewhere! I don’t think I have a single list where I list all the projects I want to make…I have a few patterns in my queue on Ravelry but I have a lot of projects where I have the yarn, I know the what I want to make with it, like a bag, but I just don’t have a specific pattern picked out yet so I keep a lot of that in my head.

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  3. Yay for Vanilla socks!! I also mainly do vanilla socks. This is because I most commonly knit for my husband and he’s pretty hard on his socks so I don’t want to do something pretty and fancy and then he just felts them through wearing. 😂


  4. Oh good, another sock knitter! So I won’t feel lonely, posting vanilla photos all the time because socks are the fastest projects to be finished. LOL. I look forward to seeing your progress.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What a varied list of projects! It will be very fun to follow along as you make you way through this upcoming YOP year. And I look forward to getting to know you through your blog! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. You have quite the list! I’m looking forward to seeing all your projects this year. Can’t wait to see all those socks.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Your list looks awesome with lots of variation if you get bored with one craft there is always another to pick up. Welcome to the group. I will enjoy following your progress.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Fantastic list! This will give you so many choices. I see you are a sock knitter…………I think 90% of us are sock knitters. Your variety of crafts is amazing and will be a pleasure to see what you do each week.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. A lovely list, I like a long list! Lots to choose from. I will look forward to seeing your progress.


  10. I love your icons, it’s great to see someone else who has such an eclectic mix of crafts and who has ambitions like mine. Your handspun sampler is already looking very pretty. Sam in our group is another cross-stitcher and some others also do a few pieces now and then so you’ll be in good company there. A great first list.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Too much time haha! As long as I have the housework done and the cooking done, I am probably crafting.
    The socks are a big pile up, I initially bought them as a challenge to see how many I could knit during lockdown but I gave myself a repetitive strainn injury doing that so i have slowed down.

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  12. Congrats in your first list! It looks awesome. I love the variety and I’m thrilled to see another cross stitcher. I look forward to seeing and being inspired by your progress, I’ve been on and off the project for a while and it’s lots of fun, Enjoy your first year!

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