YOP 2020-2021 week 5/52

Dear Readers,

Today’s post is going to be a bit of a weird one for me as I am going to try and do this all from my phone. Apologies in advance for any weird mishaps. It also seems that I can’t add the emojies with my phone 😦 so today’s post will be sans the key.

Husband Socks 5 Drops Fabel 602 (started previous YOP year). These socks have started getting a little bit more attention this week. I am also about to have a week staycation so I will probably be knitting on socks a lot as they are a mindless knit for me. I don’t need to read patterns and count rows/stitches.

My Little Pony Festive Cheer Cardigan. The pattern is Festive Cheer by Pat Menchini. (Warning these links lead to Ravelry. I have heard that the new design is causing some people some serious issues) I have made some good progress on this cardigan. I have finished the right half and made a good start on the left half.

My sister’s alpaca gloves. I have finished these too which is great because I can then give them to her tomorrow! I still need to update my Ravelry page for this project. I will try and get a photo of her wearing them for a future post.

Purple Jumper 500g of fibre. (Ravelry link) I have finally finished this spin! I am loving how the My Little Pony cardigan is knitting up so much that I can’t wait to start this one. I was going to make another cardigan but now I am not sure because I think that the handspun would look very cool knit in the round too.

And in fleece news, we had some pretty dry weather this week so I managed to get my other two fleece skirted. I will still wash them in the future but I will do that all after my staycation.

I hope that you’ve all had a wonderful crafty week!

Peace and love,


12 thoughts on “YOP 2020-2021 week 5/52

  1. I do like those gray striped socks, as well as the Little Pony sweater. πŸ™‚ And what beautiful handspun yarn! Wowza! That will be pretty knitted up. Enjoy your staycation!

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  2. That purple spin is sooooooooooooo gorgeous, very much my colour pallet and I can’t wait to see it knit up. My little pony is coming along well too. Perhaps this will inspire me to get back to my wheel this week on my jumper quantity spin. I also need to get some socks on my needles as it is ages since I knit a pair. I like the grey tones on the ones you are making.


  3. Have a lovely staycation. Sounds like you have a lot of crafty goodness to keep you entertained during. I never seem to get as much crafting done as I would like on my weekends or vacations. But at least I have fun trying to meet my goals πŸ˜‰


  4. The socks look great and glad you have a “staycation”. I really like the cardigan and your yarn choice is going to look so pretty. Did you spin and dye that yarn yourself? It’s beautiful! I think I need to learn to spin! Enjoy your time off and your knitting! Stay well.


  5. That purple jumper yarn is gorgeous, The color is quite rich looking. The Festive Cheer cardo is going to be super cute in the color you have chosen for it.


  6. that handspun is so amazing – choosing what to knit with it is a great responsibility! How long did it take you to spin those skeins, and what (approximate) weight is the resulting yarn? I wish I could spin, I really do, the possibilities seem to be endless!

    and, having looked up “to skirt a fleece” I’ve learned something from your posts this week too!


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