YOP 2020-2021 Week 8/52

Dear Readers,

For this week I have decided to switch back to WordPress Classic Editor and it seems that the emoticons work in this format so I guess I will stick to classic until WordPress forces me to switch over.

Have the Supplies for 🧶
Finished ⭐️
Frogged 🐸
Hybernating 😴
Added during the year 🦄


💜 Angel Pattern This I got From Rainbow Junkie Blog. I worked on this project a little this week. I have finished it as far as the pattern is concerned but I think that I still want to embellish it with some beads and things before I call it done.

The Wings actually have a little bit of irridescence in them but it does not show up well in the photo.


💜 🦄Dog: I am mostly finished with the Dog, I just need to add a mouth and maybe some eyeshine.




💜 🦄Rose City Rollers for Husband. I have finished sock #1 of this pair. The cuff and heel are knitted in Rico Design Superba Degrade 005. And the rest of the sock is knitted in King Cole Zig Zag : Ocean. I love how closely these two colourways match!



💜 My Little Pony: I have started the first sleeve this week too. The pattern has instructions for a sleeve that is knitted flat but as I am much faster in the round and I can’t think of a good reason for knitting a stockinette sleeve flat… I am knitting it round.


Fleece Preparation

Shetland: I have been trying to do some combing most evenings this week and I am happy with the progress that I have made so far.


Not counting what I impatiently spun up, I have 41g of coarse fibre combed. I have 51g of the mixed light and dark grey fibre combed. And I have 34g of combed fibre from before I decided to split it by colour differences. I still have a box of light and a box of dark to comb. My guess is that I have another 75-100g of fibre to comb before I am done with the combing.

I have collected the “waste” from the combing that was still cleaning and I am saving it for when I finally have carders and a carding board to make rolags. (I do have two dog brushes but I don’t really know how to make rolags with them)

I am also collecting the dirty bits so that I can weigh it all at the end. I will be composting what I think is too dirty to be used for another purpose. I am fairly happy with the amount of waste fibre I am getting although I wonder if I was better at combing if I would get less waste.

A note on my Week:

I have some excellent news and bad news all rolled into one.

I have had some work come my way. Unfortunately it is not fibre work. Many moons ago I worked as a website builder working in HTML and CSS. So this work is on building a website for someone.

Excellent news is that more money = more yarn/fibre supplies!

Bad news is more work = less time for knitting / spinning / crochet / pattern designing

So I have quite a few ideas and fun things that I really want to get into, including an idea for some yarn reviews on my blog. But these are all going to have to take a back seat until my work with the website is done.

I hope that you have been having a super wonderful crafty week!

Peace and Love,


16 thoughts on “YOP 2020-2021 Week 8/52

  1. I missed your emoticons. Glad you have them back!

    Many many moons ago a friend who is a computer wizard kept up my blog and since she did all the html and what not I don’t even remember what platform we used. Probably blogger since I have a blogger account. Then I used the iWeb starting back ummm 13 yrs or so ago and lost all those posts to the ether. I mean I understood when they said they wouldn’t be hosting them anymore using my apple cloud services but I didn’t understand that all the drafts would disappear from my desktop app. Now I feel like I bumble along. I have been blogging for over 17 yrs and you would think I would have learned how to do something by now. Enjoy the creating a blog project even tho it takes away from the current crafting.

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  2. The little angle is precious and I can see the “sparkly” wings! The dog is so cute also. I love amigurumi but it really hurts my hands after a while. You are so right! Those 2 colorways on your husband’s sock were made for each other! I love your sweater yarn too.
    I don’t know anything about weaving or spinning or carding wool but maybe someday I’ll learn. It sounds like you had a very productive week! Stay well!


  3. Thank you so much, I am so fortunate that she threw in the small Shetland fleece as a bonus for me to practice on. I already know so many things I would do different next time to make the process easier.


  4. Thank you I agree just a touch of white in the eye will work wonders. Thanks for the tip about the blending board 😀 the cloth does seem a lot more affordable than the whole board!


  5. That dog is adorable! The angle is cute too. I agree a little embellishment on her would work nicely.Your sock turned out great. I can hardly tell the difference between the two yarns.

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  6. The dog looks brilliant, I think a little catch light in the eye would bring it to life. That’s great you have some work that’s come your way, albeit it will take away from crafting time, but as you say more money can then be spent on yarn or fibre goodies. I’m sure your husband could make you a blending board from a wooden chopping board, a staple gun and a replacement cloth. Way cheaper than the bought ones. Mine was bought as a gift before I’d seen videos on making your own (Grace O’Neill from Babbles Yarns and Minna from Knitting Expat both have videos on making your own). The sock heel does look like it was in a matching set so that’s worked well.

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  7. Thank you so much. Yes I have heard of some people putting jackets on their sheep to keep the dirt out. I don’t know how the sheep feel about that hehe. I am happy with mine, I don’t have anything to compare it to but I don’t think it’s too bad especially considering the price that I paid for it.

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  8. goodness me, another busy week for you! That puppy is adorable – and I still cannot get my head around your sorting of fleece, kudos to you!
    I wonder whether if shepherds took more “precautions” for their fleece it wouldn’t be better for them too, in terms of prices, say. I think Grey Sheep puts “clothes” on her sheep to avoid hay getting into the fleece for instance. But maybe it is just the nature of it.

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