YOP 2020-2021 week 13/52

Dear Readers,

This week I am writing this post ahead of time, on Saturday, so hopefully it will be all on time tomorrow instead of being posted on a Monday haha.

Have the Supplies for 🧢
WIP πŸ’œ
Finished ⭐️
Frogged 🐸
Hybernating 😴
Added during the year πŸ¦„



The only crochet that I worked on this week was swatches for my Aldi Yarn Reviews.



⭐️Rose City Rollers for Husband. I have finally finished this pair of socks. So funny that I have finished his first-ever pair of summer socks just in time for winter.


πŸ’œGift socks pair #1 have been started.

Pattern DesignΒ 

πŸ’œRibbed Scarf – I have started work on this pattern. I have been working full steam ahead on it. It will be a total of 170cm long and I am halfway so I feel like I have been making good progress. I have a personal deadline of finishing the knitting for this pattern by next week Friday. This is not counting the weekend as knitting time because I am using my weekends for knitting my Christmas presents.


⭐️Christmas Present for Mom – I have finished spinning this and it has even had a bath and is all 100% done. I was aiming for DK weight yarn but the fibre just wanted to be spun fine so I had to keep going back to thicker. This means that it has landed up more of a sport weight, which while it is not ideal it isn’t bad either. In the end I got 348m per 100g.

Although I finished these a while ago I finally did a wrap up post on my shetland fleece spinning. If you’re interested in the process behind processing fleece by hand and you missed the post earlier in the week be sure to check it out. ❀


Wow I feel like this blog has been a lot shorter than my other blogs as of late. Well I am still happy with my progress because I am now focusing on my pattern design as a business and I feel like the work is paying off. Husband also got me to draw up a business plan with goals and ideas of how I will achieve those goals for my pattern writing and it has made me super motivated.

I hope that you have had a wonderful week!
Peace and Love

18 thoughts on “YOP 2020-2021 week 13/52

  1. Love the ankle socks and sounds like hubby is a keeper. You responded much better than me to “encouragement” from my husband to “make a plan”. But a business does need a plan and actionable steps and goals to become real. Wishing you all the best.


  2. Hub’s socks look great. Hopefully, he’ll enjoy them a bit before his ankles start to get cold. πŸ™‚

    So glad to hear the work on your pattern design business is paying off. That’s exciting!

    Liked by 1 person

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