Aldi Yarn Review: Baby Yarn

Dear Readers,

today I have another Aldi yarn review for you. This is the baby yarn!


Yarny Details

Yarn Company : So Crafty (Avaliable at Aldi)
Name of Yarn: Baby Yarn
Colourway: Sky Blue
Grams: 100g
Metres: 95m
Material: 100% Polyester
Weight: 6 super bulky
Needle and hook size: 8mm
Wash instructions: Machine Wash 30 degrees C, no iron, no tumble dry


Price of yarn: £3.99 for 4 balls (this is clear if you buy it in the shop but not as clear if you order online. I thought that I was just getting one ball. Whoops.)


Knitted Swatch

Before Washing


After Washing


My guage swatch didn’t change after washing so it was:
10x10cm = 9 stitches by 15 rows.
The ball band did not provide a swatch.

I did have a lot of trouble knitting up this swatch. Because there was no swatch provided I first cast on way too many stitches but this proved helpful anyway because I realised that my cast on was way to tight and it was causing it to curl. So I ripped back and cast on again.

First Cast On
First Cast On

The second cast on was better but it still is causing a bit of puckering. I use a cable cast on which is fairly stretchy, it’s good enough for socks, but it still caused the issue. My cast off also caused the same issue. I am hesitant to say this is a fault of the brand since this is my first time knitting with this style of yarn. In the past I have always crocheted with it.  The way that these swatches turned out I think that I will stick to crocheting with it.

Crochet Swatch

Before Washing


After Washing


Unsurprisingly the crochet swatch didn’t change after washing either.
US Single Crochet / UK Double Crochet = 8 stitches by 8 rows
US double Crochet / UK Treble Crochet = 8 Stitches by 4 rows
The ball band did not provide a swatch

This swatch did not have any of the puckering issues that the knitted swatch had

There was a knot in the ball. I am actually okay with this in this instance. The way that this yarn is made it would have been hard to join it without knotting it whereas with spun yarn it is much easier. There was also only one knot that I encountered so that is acceptable to me, I do know it is not okay to some people so I did want to mention it.


Washing experience

I was a little sceptical of washing this in the machine as I was sure that the fabric would lose it’s wonderful fluffy texture and become more compact but I was pleasantly surprised! The change is barely noticeable! There is definitly a slight change and the feel is slightly less fluffy but it is still really soft agains my skin. I could definitly wear this against my neck no question about it.

Price comparison

I am going to compare this to James C Brett Flutterby Chunky because that is another yarn of the same style that I have used in the past. (By the way the Aldi Baby Yarn did not shed while I worked with it while the James C Brett did. While the Flutterby is softer than the Aldi baby yarn to begin with also had a slight change in fluffiness after washing too.)

Reminder: Aldi Baby Yarn was £3.99 for 4 balls which works out at around 99p per 100g ball

James C Brett Flutterby Chunky at the time of writing this is available at:
Hobbycraft for £4.20 for 1 x 100g ball
Woolwarehouse for £3.59 for 1x 100g ball

Since this is a thick yarn you would probably need a lot of it to make something substantial like a jumper or a blanket and so I think that the Aldi price is very affordable.


I hope that you found this review useful. If you have any suggestions about other things you would have wanted to know about the yarn please let me know in the comments below and of course if you have any questions please do let me know too.

Keep Crafty!
Peace and Love

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with or sponsored by any companies at the time of writing this.

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