Aldi Yarn Review Cotton Teal

Dear Readers,

I bring you another Aldi Yarn swatch review!


Yarn Company: So Crafty
Name of Yarn: Cotton Yarn


Colourway: Teal
Grams: Approx 200g
Metres: Approx 390m
Material: 95% cotton 5% mixed fibres. (This was made from pre-consumer recycled cotton)
Weight: Fine 2 (This translates to Sport or Baby weight)
Needle and hook size: 4mm
Wash instructions: Hand wash, no iron, Dry Flat

Price of yarn: £3.99


Knitted Swatch

Before Washing


After Washing



Before washing:
10x10cm was 21 stitches x 29 rows and the gauge was the same after washing. This was knit using 4mm needles.

Ball band suggested a gauge of 20 stitches x 26 rows

Crochet Swatch

Before Washing


After Washing



Before Washing my gauge was :
10x10cm for
US single crochet /UK double crochet – 19 stitches and 11 rows
US double crochet /UK treble crochet – 19 stitches and 4 rows

and After Washing:
10x10cm for:
US single crochet /UK double crochet – 18 stitches and 13 rows
US double crochet /UK treble crochet – 18 stitches and 5 rows

As you can see there was some dimensional changes in the crochet swatch after washing and drying.

Washing experience:

When I washed this swatch the colours did not bleed. The fabric has stiffened up a little bit after washing, more so with the single crochet than the knitted swatch or the double crochet.

Other Thoughts:

This yarn was extremely highly spun. I know about this as a spinner and I can say that I was not at all impressed with how much twist was left in the yarn. It makes the strand of yarn rougher and harder than it needs to be and it also made it hard to work with as it was constantly twisting back up on itself when I pulled more out of the ball.

Please excuse the weird photo, I was doing my swatch knitting during a long car trip.

This is a great pity because I have some of their older range cotton which is a medium / weight 4 yarn and it is not at all overspun and it is very soft and lovely to work with. I think that I will have to do a swatch of that for you too in case they bring that back in the future.

There is something weird going on with their label because it says that it is a Fine 2 which translates as about a Sport or baby weight yarn. But it suggests a 4mm needle which is a bit odd but we could inore that.. Except that they say there is 390m in 200g. Well if we take that back to grist that is 195m in 100g. Well that is technically a worsted or Aran weight (Medium 4) even if we’re generous and say it’s a DK which is about 200-250m in 100g it is still no where near sport or baby weight. I do not know if their Fine 2 classification is wrong or if their meterage is wrong but something weird is going on there.

Price comparison:

This yarn is  £3.99 for 200g which works out at  approximately  £1 for 50g.

I am going to compare this to Drops Safran because that is a cotton that I have used in the past. (As an aside I have not had a problem with Drops safran being over spun or stiffening up after washing)

At the time of writing Woolwarehouse, Amazon and the Garnstudio all have Drops Safran for  £1.15 per 50g

To be honest I am not sure that I would take the 15p saving for a yarn that is over spun but that is just my opinion.

I hope that you found this review useful. If you have any suggestions about other things you would have wanted to know about the yarn please let me know in the comments below and of course, if you have any questions please do let me know too.

Keep Crafty!

Peace and Love


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with or sponsored by any companies at the time of writing this.

3 thoughts on “Aldi Yarn Review Cotton Teal

  1. Hello
    I purchased this yarn I believe a couple of years ago I have only recently gotten around to making the crochet beret pattern on the reverse of the packaging.
    Although I have started, it just doesn’t look right. Does anybody out there have this yarn and have they attempted to make this crochet beret? How did it turn out?
    The review of the yarn was very good and informative.
    Thanks, Karen.

    Liked by 1 person

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