Beginner’s Easy Knitted Rib Scarf

Dear Readers,

I am very excited to tell you today that I have published another beginner’s knitting pattern! beginners_knitted_rib_scarf_6

This is just a pattern for a simple but lovely knitted rib scarf with some clolour changes. I know how important it is for beginner’s to practice their ribbing or their knits and their purls, and I also know that some people find it much easier to follow a pattern even when it comes to something like a scarf.


Because this is aimed at beginners I have made some videos (linked in the pattern) for how to cast on, how to handle the colour changes, how to cast off in rib stitch, and even how to sew your ends in so that they are invisible.

My patterns are avalible both on Ravelry and PayHip. I have both because I know that some people are more comfortable using Ravelry because it is what they know and trust, while other people are having accessiblility issues with Ravelry and can’t use their site at all! 

This is a link to the pattern on my PayHip site

This is a link to the pattern on my Ravelry Page


I hope that you like this project too,I am definitly going to be making another one soon! I am thinking of making one for myself in hufflepuff colours!

If you know a beginner knitter please do share this pattern as I hope that it can be of great use to many people. Especially in this weird time of pandemic and staying home and learning new skills!

Peace and Love,


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