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Dear Readers,

Since my thumb is still out of action and my crafting is moving forward very slowly I thought that I would share with you about my knitting journal.


I feel that it is necessary to preface this by telling you that I love writing things down on paper. My mom has always kept a pen and paper personal journal as long as I can remember and so when I was about ten or eleven years old I started my first pen and paper personal journal. And I never stopped. I am still in possesion of all my journals although the bulk of them are in South Africa at my mother’s house and we will ship them over eventually when we ship our book collection. I felt that this was necessary to tell you because I am sure that it plays a part in how starting a knitting journal was attractive to me.

For a few years I had a ring binder that I would periodically update with information but I didn’t stick to it religiously like I did for my Raverly project pages. Then I read a blog post which really resonated with me, it was basically some thoughts that I have been having in the back of my mind but expressed by someone else. The blog post is here. Basically the part that really connected with me was the part about how we often feel like computers and the internet are for ever but sometimes they are not. Currently I like to go through my digital photos every couple of months and print out the ones I find most precious because I have lost photos in the past to faulty or old PC parts. Yes I do know that I could save them to the cloud with Amazon or Google but you know what, I just don’t trust someone else storing my things. Yes I am concerned about privacy. (Also as a bonus i love flipping through photo albums, they make me happy and I never go through my photos on my pc.)

Okay back to knitting, so although Ravelry will probably be around for the forseeable future, they probably won’t be around forever. I like the idea of someone inheriting my knitting books and finding either inspiration from them or just historical knowledge. What techniques were new or popular in 2020? One of the majors of my degree is Classical History (Ancient Roman and Greek) so there is a part of me that always thinks of things from an archival point of view.

So back in June I started my first pen and paper book knitting journal. I intended to use it alongside Ravelry and keep both my book and my online project pages as up to date as possible. For some reason I have been finding it easier to keep my book up to date than my Ravelry Project Pages. I am also already thinking of new ideas for my future books. I might want a ring bound one. Or maybe I will keep them just as paper in plastic sleaves and when I get enough pages I will have those ring bound as a custom book. These sorts of ideas come from the fact that I like to stick in swatches of the yarn that I am using and labels and maybe photos in the future. While I do love a good big bulging book, I don’t want the book to get to the point where it can’t close at all anymore. I have also seen people who keep a few pages at the beginning to include an index, I think that that would have been a brilliant idea. Another idea is to maybe keep 2 pages or a whole spread free foreach project so that there is less bulk that when you have 2 small projects opposite eachother both with labels and yarn stuck in.


The sort of information that I keep in mine obviously depends in the project.

For spinning:

Dyer, Colourway, Fibre content, grammes, date started, date finished, colour management, directions of singles and plys, amd final yardage.

For knitting or crochet:

Start, finish, yarn, recipient, pattern name if I used one, needle or hook size, swatch guage, pattern notes if I wrote it.


Do you keep a knitting/crochet journal? Have you ever wanted to? If you don’t do you have a specific reason? Do you have any suggestions for things I should include in my journal?

Keep Crafty,
Peace and Love

4 thoughts on “Knitting/Crochet Journal

  1. Thank you so much. I am glad to have inspired you! Please do share your post here if you do write one! I know someone who collects pretty notebooks but don’t use them 😆 I always want to steal them from her.


  2. Whew boy! This post got me to waxing all philosophical over the topic of notebooks – their value as well as their temporary nature, but I got so long winded I decided my ramblings deserve a separate post on my own blog someday – instead of being an eyesore of a comment here. lol I am in way too contemplative a mood these days…

    The short of it is, I am all over the place on this topic. I think it’s a fabulous idea. I loved looking at Templar’s notebook pages and reading her thought process (thank you for linking to that post). I buy notebooks with grand ideas for how I want to fill them, but in the end I have had neither the clarity of purpose, nor the discipline for seeing anything like this through.

    I do think paper notebooks are a great idea for many reasons. I look forward to you sharing anything about yours here.

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  3. I too am beginning to feel that written things may last longer than electronic. My Knitting and crochet journal that I wrote a post about once – – is a bit different to yours. For a start the book doesn’t have lines so I have to add them to try and keep my writing straight. 🙂 . I do keep yarn bands so as to know the washing instructions but in a plastic sleeve in a ring binder where I also keep patterns that I have printed out but my journal contains small photos of my projects and written out, though sometimes abbreviated, copies of the patterns I create. Useful reference if I am out or the computer is off. I have thought of copying my Ravelry patterns onto a DVD but I don’t know if they would be available longer in this format. I could print them out in full but that would be a lot of paper.

    I have to admit that my current journal is far from up to date at present.

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