First 6 days of Fibre Advent

Dear Readers

I am so excited to share the first 6 days of my fibre advent calendar with you!

This is my first ever non chocolate advent calendar aside from the tea one that husband and I make for ourselves each year. I purchased this calendar from Tine&Floyd

There is roughly 10 grams in each day’s packet. I have decided to spin them all together and then chain ply them. For the non spinners out there this means that I will maintain the colours instead of barber poling them. Then I will make something nice and stripy at the end. I don’t know what yet 🤣

The first day was Amethyst which was Merino and Banana

The second day was Aqua and it was Merino and Silk

The third day was Kilimanjaro, merino, banana, Rami, and viscos

The fourth day was Shetland, corredale and silk.

Day 5 was Merino, bamboo, alpaca and silk. The colour reminds me of sea glass!

And the 6th day was Merino, bamboo, silk, banana and Angelina.

I really love how the purple and the blue/green of the first two days go together and I also love the green and pink of the 5th and 6th together!

I hope that you have been having a wonderful crafty week!

Peace and love

Ellie xxx

11 thoughts on “First 6 days of Fibre Advent

  1. Yes I am definitely going to consult YouTube. I might end up just hording them because I feel like combing them would be a shame because they are so pretty but I generally don’t spin art yarn.

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  2. I got some locks as a bonus presents but I’m not sure what to do with them!! I’ve seen them look great in felting but I don’t know how to spin them. I am looking forward to your post in January! I love seeing fibre 😁

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  3. Thanks for sharing, I’ve bought Wensleydale locks from them before but not their fibre so it is lovely to see the sort of advent they do. I have a 12 days of Christmas fibre one from Adelaide Walker and I will do a post about that in early January and share what that was like. I’m not sure whether I will spin each day but I like the idea of something stripy in different colours and fibres so it’s tempting.

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