Second 6 days of fibre Advent

Dear Readers,

I am sorry that this post is a little late. I really am terrible at posting on the weekend. Husband works late most weekdays so I cherish my time with him on the weekend <3.

So here are the next 6 days of my fibre advent calendar.

I should start off by saying I LOVE winter. Winter is my favourite season, but I am beginning to understand people’s complaints about the light. I have a very small window in which to photograph my fibre, spin it, and photograph the spin and hope that the light is going to look nice! Haha.

Day 7


Fibre content: Merino, bamboo, banana, and Angelina.


This one kind of reminds me of a sparkly tartan once it is all spun up. πŸ™‚

Day 8


Fibre content: !00% Merino


This one makes me think of my mom. This is the sort of thing she would like.

Day 9


Fibre content: Merino and Angelina


I would never have paired these two colours next to eachother but I love how it turned out! I feel like I need to make something with these colours in the future!

Day 10


Fibre content: Merino and Silk


Igore the dusty pink/red at the end there, that was some another spin where I ran out of the second ply. Because I am a waste not wat not person I decided to start spinning my second bobbin onto that and I’ll just include it when I chain ply at the end.

Day 11


Fibre content: Merino, banana, correadale, alpaca and white faced woodland.


My first time spinning with white faced woodland. I enjoyed this spin.

Day 12


Fibre content: Silk, Bamboo, banana, and Angelina


Notice that there was no wool / mamalian fiber in this mix? This was a serious challenge for me to spin. It started going thick and thin so I just decided what the heck i’ll roll with it. So I intentionally let it continue going thick and thin. It will even out a bit when I ply it but I also just think of it as a feature! I have since been told that these are all long fibres and that it would be easier to draft longer and that makes sense since my usual draw is a short forwards draw.

I am starting to think that I really want to knit this into a stripy jumper and make it a chritmas jumper of sorts. I will have to see how much I have at the end. I do have some random fibre odds and ends that I ordered a while ago, I might make some mini batts/rolags at the end to make up the difference to allow me to make a sweater.

I hope that you have a been having a wonderful crafty time!
Peace and Love,

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