Third week of Fibre advent

Dear Readers,

Today’s post might be a little different because as we get closer to Christmas husband is now on holiday and my time for blogging is limited so I am doing this from my phone!

Day 13 was Merino, Angelina, angora, and soy. It was honestly so soft it felt like I was spinning with a cloud!

Day 14 merino, Angelina, soy and silk

I wouldn’t ordinarily have paired grey and pink but these look so good here!

Day 15 Merino banana silk and Angelina

This one turned out lovely too. I’d you’re surprised at how the distinct red and purple disappeared into a maroon you might want to check our my blog post, colour theory for spinners.

Day 16 silk and viscose

Another day that just had long slippery fibres. So I mighta kinda sorta cheated on this one. After the fourth time my single snapped in a row after I was trying to rejoin after a snap I snapped! And blended the fibre with some wool! So half of it was spun as it was and half was blended.

Day 17 it was called Pink clouds. White-faced woodland, Angelina, bamboo, banana and angora

I forgot to take a photo before the sun had set (4pm!) But it really enjoyed this spin.

Day 18 this is called Phoenix rising. It is pure merino.

I just managed to squeeze it onto my second bobbin. Going to have to start a new bobbin for the next lot. There is actually a video on my Instagram of Jack sitting on my lap while I spun this, it’s super cute but I don’t know how to share it here.

For those of you who might have missed my previous posts, this fibre is from my Time&Floyd Christmas advent calendar. And I am planning to knit a super stripy jumper with it once it’s all done. If I don’t have enough weight I will just bend a few rolags of my own to make up the difference.

Peace and love!

Stay crafty


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