Knitting Needle Book Project

Dear Readers,

If you have ever purchased circular knittings needles to knit with you may have discovered the conundrum of how to store them! I have been looking for a good way to store my circular knitting needles for about 4 years now! First I just had them all lying in a pile on a shelf. That obviously didn’t work very well.
I could not store them all in their original packaging as a lot of the needles were given to me by my late grandmother and the packaging had been lost.

Next, I tried storing them all looped on a hook hanging from the shelf above my desk but that did not look very neat and they kept falling off when I went to extract one of them.

Finally sitting in the car outside Aldi a few weeks back, as I waited for Husband to finish the grocery shopping, an image came to me!

Knitting Needle Book Sketch
Knitting Needle Book Sketch

I think that I was partly inspired by the paintbrush roll I keep my double pointed needles in, and also partly inspired by the sewing needle books I made for my sister and sister-in-law recently.

It was Easter Long weekend and Husband had a bit of leave booked so I spent a cozy weekend sewing and here is the final product. I am super happy with it! And I haven’t seen anything like it before.

knitting needle book closed
Knitting Needle Book
knitting needle book first page
Knitting Needle Book first page
knitting needle book second and third pages
Second and Third Pages
knitting needle book centre
Centre of book

There are 3 more corresponding pages on the other side of the centre however I did not photograph them as they are the same fabrics as the other side and I do not have needles in them yet.

close up of button closure
Close-up of button closure
Close up of needle pocket
Close Up of needle Pocket

I will not be making a tutorial of this as I do not consider myself a very good sewer and I would not trust myself to give very good advice however if you want to make a copy for yourself I will tell you briefly how it is put together.

I sewed two pieces of fabric roughly A4 in size together, right sides facing,  and then turned right side out. Lying landscape this makes 4 “pages”, 2 on each side.
Then I ironed and sewed the pouches, first I sewed the top/open edge flat by machine, then I sewed it to the A4 piece by hand. I sewed a pouch to each side. The pouch is as long as the A4 landscape but narrower.
Once the pouch is attached I sewed down the middle to designate the fold.

I made 2 of these, which makes 8 “pages” for your needles to go in.
Then I made the cover by just sewing 2 A4 sizes pieces together. For the outside of the cover I used a slightly thicker kind of fabric.
Then I sewed all 3 A4 pieces through the middle. I did this by hand too.

Finally to add the “clasps” at the top. I sewed the buttons on. Then below it I used a very sharp tapestry needle to thread some sock wool through. With a loop on the one side, I looped it over the button and then tied a knot on the opposite side. Then on the side with the two tail ends, I tied them around the button on that side with enough room to slip it on and off the button.

If you do make one of these I would appreciate it if you put a link to my post saying that you were inspired by me. And please share a link of your post in the comments so we can all see your lovely work!

I have been using my knitting needle book since Easter weekend and I LOVE it! It is pretty and functional. Oh I should mention for the leaves of the book I used fat quarter fabric from my stash because I have a lot of it but hardly use it, but any sort of woven fabric should work.

I hope that you have been keeping well,
Stay Crafty

Peace and Love

11 thoughts on “Knitting Needle Book Project

  1. I definitely will post when I make mine. Was laying out fabric yesterday and trying to think through how best to make it. Also shared our post with my local knitting group as we’ve been discussing needle holders (one wasn’t too happy with her etsy purchase as it turned out to be cute but too flimsy for very many needles. 😦 )

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  2. Just discovered this post. What a GREAT idea. I recently got a hanging circular needle holder that I recovered with cute fabric which is fine for home. But will not be portable for snowbirding this winter. I’m going to “borrow” your idea and make a needle book!! Thank you so much for sharing.

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