Meditation Knitting : What to meditate on

Dear Readers,

To start off with I must apologise for the delay. As happens to all of us, life caught up with me and I never got around to finishing my series on Knitting Meditation. That was largely because it took me a long time to create the video I wanted to accompany it. But with out further delay, lets get into it. Meditation Series
Meditation Knitting Introduction
Meditation Knitting Set-up
Meditation Knitting What to meditate on

What to Meditate on:

Here are a few things that you might choose to mediate on:

  • Nothing. Try to keep your mind blank. Allow thoughts to pass in and out of your mind without dwelling on those thoughts.
  • Happy Thoughts/Gratitude. Think about what has made you happy that day or week and what you are grateful for. It doesn’t need to be something big like winning the lotto, it can be something small like a really pretty flower that you saw or something nice that someone said. If you like to pray this can also be a prayer of gratitude. This is a way of training your brain to be on the lookout for happy things, ultimately leading to you feeling happier even if your circumstances haven’t changed.
  • A person. Particularly if the project has a recipient you may want to think about that person. If you know them then think about all the good memories you have with that person and maybe think about all the good things that you would like that person to experience. If you like to pray you can also pray for the person.
  • Prayer. If you like to pray then you can use this calm quite space to pray or focus on a quote that you find meaningful. You can think about the aspects of the quote, why do you think you like the quote? What is the meaning of the quote? Are there different ways to interpret the quote?

Another option is to be mindful. I have made a short guided meditation which is aimed at helping you be mindful while you knit. It is not meant to be expansive but rather a starting place for you to develop your own practice.

I am aware that not everyone likes to watch videos or is in a space where they can listen to things, or maybe you just want to take it at your own pace! So here is a little list broadly of what I cover in the video.

  • Firstly it is important to get comfortable and create the right space for you to enter the correct frame of mind. See the previous post for hints.
  • Focusing on your breath and sounds around you can also help you to enter that calm and relaxed state.
  • Listen to the sound of your needles. How do they sound? Is it fast ? Is it slow?
  • Don’t rush your knitting, take it at a comfortable pace.
  • As you spread out your stitches to work how does the fabric feel? Can you feel the individual stitches?
  • As you pull more working yarn how does that feel? Is it warm? Soft? Is it fuzzy?
  • Let yourself be at peace listening to your needles and feeling the work with your hands. Don’t let your mind focus on the future of what ifs. Don’t let your mind go to the past of things that happened. Focus on the now. Feel the calm and stability of the present.

I do hope that you have enjoyed this Meditation Knitting Series and that it has somehow enriched your life and your knitting practice. If you have any experiences, or tips or suggestions to share please do get intouch via the comment section below!

Keep Crafty,
Peace and Love,

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