Dalmeny Kirk Summer Market

Hi all,

I have been mentioning it here and there but I have not yet actually made a post dedicated to my up coming market! Dalmeny Kirk Summer Market

I am sharing a table with a lovely lady from my local crafting group called the Ferry Crafters. She is trading as Season Jewellery Plus.

I will be selling Acrylic paintings on Canvas board.


And some miscellenious watercolours and prints.

Here is a mock set up I did for Table layout. Although I might change it on the day depending on how much space my partner needs and how big the actual table is.


It will be an outdoor market so fingers crossed for some good weather, although we do have a gazebo so that is at least a comforting thought.

I am very anxious but I feel like I have made a good effort to be prepared so I think that this is just my general anxiety making me nervous. Husband bought me a device called Square which means that I can take contactless payments so that also really helps with my anxiety. If you didn’t know I have Dyscalculia which in my case means that I swap numbers around. So I will read 15 but then say or think 51. Not great for doing arithmatic or giving people change!

I am actually not so worried about if I sell anything, I am more worried about just having a good time. I get really anxious around people I don’t know, which as you can imagine is not great for a market.  Haha. The last time I had to go into a supermarket I had a panic attack. :/ But ! I am super prepared and also the lady I am sharing a table with is really really lovely so hopefully that will all distract me.

I actually have a lot riding on this market. If I enjoy it (emotionally) I plan to do a lot more markets in future. Not all the time as I will have periods where I will just be painting and building up stock. But maybe 3 or 4 markets a year, which is a lot more than the 0 I do right now. I have actually enjoyed preparing and making labels and organising packaging immensly so I really do hope that I enjoy it. 

Oh and I should not forget to mention that some of the paintings I am selling are done by my Husband! He took art in highschool but stopped doing it a lot once he became a chartered accountant. He has started painting again with me recently to help me have enough stock for the market. The other day he said to me that he hopes I enjoy the market because then he can keep painting and I can sell them for him. Haha, I am so glad that he is enjoying painting again.

Anyhoo this will probably be the last post before I do my market!
I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.

Peace and Love,




6 thoughts on “Dalmeny Kirk Summer Market

  1. Hi Ellie, I wrote earlier via your contact page as I passed the details of the market on to some people I know in Edinburgh (OneKind). I hope the day goes very well for you and you sell lots! 😊 It will be great fun! 🙏

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