Jack Sprat could eat no fat..

This past week Husband and I have been repainting the hallway/staircase/landing.
The walls were a sort of magnolia pink white which had yellowed slightly. And the skirting and architraves were all very scuffed. (These were all like this when we bought the house)

Here are some before photos.

Jack was not at all impressed with the appearance of the drop sheet.
This photo is actually after we started painting because I forgot to take before photos.
We had to purchase more drop sheets and unfortunately the shop was sold out of what we had bought before. This drop sheet was sooo thin we had to throw it away after one use!! 😦 and it also stuck to everything.

For the walls we chose a colour called Seldom seen. It was supposed to be a white with a slight blue tint, at least that is what the store swatch showed and what the tin showed. Unfortunately it is very light sensitive and in some lights it looks VERY blue! We also used some masking tape on the ceiling but it turns out that the previous owners had done a poor job painting and there was a lot of spillage of the pink colour on the ceiling and they had also used cheap paint o the paint peeled when the masking take came off. (The previous owners/decorators having done something badly and cheaply seems to be a recurring problem in this house) So we landed up having to repaint the ceiling even though the colour had been fine. Painting a ceiling after painting the walls is not fun πŸ˜₯

Jack again expressing his displeasure at the appearance of yet another drop sheet.
This entrance room in particular looks soooooo much better after the fresh paint.
In this light it does not look too blue at all.
Here is a little comparison picture. The top two are before the new paint and the bottom 2 are after.

With the walls and ceiling painted it is now time to paint the skirting. I remembered to take lots of before pictures this time!

We decided to paint this sad electrical box with the skirting paint too.

This is our first time painting skirting boards with an existing carpet in place and let me tell you taping it in was not fun! We left about 1cm overlapping the skirting and then used a chisel to force it down between the carpet and skirting. Thanks to this post here. The green is frog tape where husband taped. The white is masking tape where I taped. Don’t be like me and use masking tape, use the frog tape! (we have since left the tape over night and the masking tape is lifting where as the green tape is not)

tape forced down between the skirting and the carpet

We painted the Architraves on Sunday evening and then it got too late to continue so the skirting will be done by us in the evenings over the next week.

So now we get to the title of this post. During the last week I have been reminded of a saying that I heard in my childhood. Jack Sprat could eat no fat, and his wife could eat no lean. And together they licked the platter clean.
You might notice that on the stairs the green tape goes horizontal and the white goes vertical. That is because husband and I discovered that I hate doing the horizontal and the curve and he hates the vertical! Teamwork! You won’t be able to see this but I also did all the cutting in and he did all the roller work for the paint. This is because I enjoy the cutting in much more as I am drawn to precision work in my day job. And he is much stronger than me and enjoys the rolling more than the cutting in. Again TEAMWORK! I can remember at school as a young girl I would hear other girls say that they couldn’t date so and so because they were just too different to oneanother. I always found it strange and in my relationship with husband I find it very untrue. Husband and I are very different, we have different interests, different skills and differen’t personalities. But somehow it always serves to make our relationship stronger and better because we compliment eachother so well. I guess we are very fortunate that our differences work so well together.

On a side note Jack would like to say that he is most displeased. After the invasion of the drop sheets and ladders he is now being locked in the lounge for 6 hours after each coat of skirting/architrave painting. He doesn’t understand what the big deal about rubbing up against wet paint is? (And just incase you are worried, yes he does have access to food, water, beds, and ablutions when he is locked up.)

5 thoughts on “Jack Sprat could eat no fat..

  1. Thank you very mch πŸ™‚ I agree.
    Oh and thank you for sharing that charity, I had not heard of it before but it looks like the sort of thing I’d love to support. πŸ™‚


  2. Wonderful! The joys of decorating! And, yes, you do find out more about each other in the process. My wife and I are opposites in many ways but we fit together, almost! πŸ˜‚ Oh what fun! You’ll get there, and be better for it. Being an animal lover, do you know about the charity OneKind, based in Edinburgh?
    Happy days! πŸ’πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ Ashley

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