Custom Sock Modifications Update 1

Dear Readers,

I am back again to talk to you about my custom sock modifications.

Sock with Blue toes is the usual way I knit him socks, plain grey and black sock is the custom sock.

Recently I spoke about trying a new pattern to knit my husband socks by using his actual measurements and knitting the sock exactly to fit. Bad news: The difference is not as noticeable as I would have liked. Good news: they do actually fit. 🤣 Note that the reason I am comparing these two pairs of socks is that both of them are fresh off the needles and have never been worn. I don’t think it would make sense to compare a fresh pair with a worn pair.

First I will compare the ankles:

For the custom sock there was a slight issue with the ankle in that decreasing the leg to 60 stitches means that there was not extra fabric bunching at the ankle but it made the fabric just above instep tighter. I have circled the stitches in red so you can see the portion that are pulling tighter. This is not to say that the sock doesn’t fit, it does. But I was hoping to eliminate the portion of fabric that stretched so much. I think for future socks I will go back to 64 stitches for the leg.

For the original pattern sock you can see that there is some excess fabric on the leg section but that there is also less stretching just above the instep.

Now I will compare the heels / insteps:

This heel definitely looks a better height to me. Unfortunately I forgot that the other sock was garter stitch so I am not comparing the exact same heels but this 2.7 inch heel looks much better to me than the 2 inch heel. It is not pulling down under the heel and the stitches across the instep itself (look to the grey and the black stripes that commence after the heel flap.) are not badly stretched but again they are more stretched than in other areas of the sock.

Side note: I decreased down to 68 stitches for the foot instead of my usual 64 and this does look good to me.

For the non custom sock you can see that the heel pulls down lower and that fabric that should be for the leg gets pulled into the heel space because the heel is too short. Also the tight stitches across the instep are still there.


I did the two toes differently. I did the original socks the way that Christine Perry (Winwickmum) suggests but for the custom sock I knit the foot longer and the toes shorter, decreasing less because my husband has more square toes rather than pointy. I am not sure that I can really see a difference when he wears them so he will have to tell me how he finds them.

My conclusions:

In Future I will not go down to the 60 stitches required for his skinny ankles because this negatively affects the instep area as his instep is so tall. I will continue to use the custom 2.7 inch heel and the 68 stitch foot count. I am not sure about the toes.

I will hopefully update in a while with a more practical review after husband has worn them for a while and he can tell me if he notices any differences in wearing.

Keep crafty.
Peace and love

6 thoughts on “Custom Sock Modifications Update 1

  1. Wow. I’m impressed that you did the experiment. So far I have just blindly knit my socks rather than seeking the best fit. But I can see a future day where I focus more on my sock fit. Thanks for sharing your experience.


  2. Thanks for your interesting, thorough analysis of sock fit. I am relieved to have stumbled upon a basic toe-up pattern that fits my SO’s feet perfectly. The pattern is ribbed down the front, which is more forgiving than stockinette. I just made him two pairs in two different sock yarns and both fit great. I would do the measuring like you did if I were to make him stockinette socks, but for now, he and I are both enjoying the perfect fit!

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