Knitting/Crochet coupon/voucher Printables

Dear Readers,

Today I want to share with you my latest shop update. Some pdf printable files for knitting and crochet vouchers!

The idea for making these printables came from my own personal need. When I am crocheting or knitting as a gift for someone I often want to get their input into it instead of making it as a total surprise. There are a few reasons for this.

  1. I often like to get the person’s input into the yarn and the colour. It is all very well saying oh someone likes blue so I will make it in blue, but often people are more specific about what sort of shade of the colour they like so it is nicer to get them to choose it while looking at what is avaliable. Some people also have preferences for what sort of material they like the yarn to be made out of. Often times I find it can be quite exciting taking that person out to the yarn shop with me and letting them choose for themselves off the shelf!
  2. Pattern choosing. I also like to get the person’s input into the pattern that I choose because often it would be very easy for me to tweek it a little to make it perfect for the person but they need to know that they are getting it inorder to be able to request it. For example requesting extra long sleeves or body on a sweater. Requesting ribbed or plain socks. That sort of thing, very easy for me to adjust but I need to know what they want.
  3. Finally if it is something like gloves or a sweater I will often actually need to measure the person to make sure that the garment is actually going to fit. I don’t like to go on general “oh she’s a large” sizes as I find that too inaccurate. Bonus points if I can have catch up sesessions to try on the garment as I make it!

All this being said, it is also special to be able to surprise the person on their birthday/mother’s day/whatever the occasion is. So this is where I thought of a knitting/crochet voucher or coupon. I actually have already used one for my sister-in-law’s birthday recently! She’s getting a jumper from me but that definitely requires measuring and a planning session.

I came up with two designs.

Knitting/Crochet Coupon

This one is a fun simple design originally in colour but made to work nicely in black and white since my printer only does black and white.
It is postcard sized so it can fit inside a card, depending on the size of the card.
There are 3 variations, a hat, socks and a jumper. And there are two files included in the download, one that says crochet and one that says Knitting.

Here is a link to the item page in my PayHip shop. It is £1. (GBP)

Knit and Crochet Voucher

This design is a delicate floral, it is only in black and white.
It is also postcard sized.
The Knit version and Crochet pdf files are also included as two separate files in the download this is to make it easier to print if you want to print a whole lot of one at one time.

Here is a link to the item page in my PayHip shop. It is 50p. (GBP)

I hope that you liked today’s blog.
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please let me know!

Peace and Love

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