Knitted Cat Blanket for Erika

My friend Erika recently adopted two kittens, Harry and Mia. I offered to make some cat blankets for them as Jack loves the blankets that I have made him… and he is always stealing the big blankets I have made for myself.

This is the first of two blankets I have made.

I decided to make this blanket inspired by the sock yarn memory blankets that are so popular amongst sock knitters. It is just a simple mitred square with a central double decrease. Other than the starting squares they are join as you go so not sewn together at the end.
Erika very kindly trusted me to use my scraps and to play with the colours, this one is a mixture of pinks and purples. And it worked out so well in the end, both Erika and I are super happy with the end result.

I can’t really tell you each and every yarn that was used because as I said I used a lot of scraps and unfortunately I have not yet come up with a good way of keeping the ball bands along with the scraps! If you have any good ideas please let me know in the comments! I can tell you that it is mostly acrylic (super washable for little kitties) there is a little of my own handspun in there and there is one block that has 4ply sock yarn held double. The acrylics are mainly Stylecraft, Sirdar and James C Brett. Oh and there is one Pound Land yarn in there too.

Blanket laid out so you can see all the colours

I used 4mm needles

Start: 11th of May 2022
Finish: 7th of June 2022

100cm long / 39.37 inches
57cm Wide / 22.44 inches

After sewing in the ends I machine washed it on a wool cycle and then hung it up to dry! Shock horror I know, yes I know you’re supposed to dry knitting flat. But this is a cat blanket… for a cat. I am a firm believer in finishing your projects in the way that they are going to be used in the future and I am pretty sure my friend is going to machine wash it and then hang it to dry.

I really enjoyed choosing the colours for this and knitting it up. If there are any questions you have about the project let me know πŸ™‚

Keep Carfty!
Peace and Love

9 thoughts on “Knitted Cat Blanket for Erika

  1. Yes, so you start off with your maximum number of stitches and every second row you do the central double decrease and this pulls it into your diamond or square shape. I hope that that makes sense. Interestingly I have never tried this with Crochet, perhapse I should give it a go. πŸ™‚ Yes I totally agree I would much prefer to join as I go rather than sewing. Thank you πŸ˜€

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  2. I have never knitted blankets squares, being more of a crocheter, so I am fascinated by your mitred squares. Does that make them come out square as opposed to just doing rows? I also like the idea of join as you go, not liking sewing very much. The colours blend together very well. – lucky cat.

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