Handmade Cushion Covers

Hi Lovelies,

Today I want to share with you about the cushion covers I have finally gotten around to sewing up!

I recently went through my bags of Works In Progress (WIPs) I filmed it so you can watch the Youtube Video here. And two of the bags were taken up by some cushion covered which I had prepared.

Let’s start with the Harry Potter cushion. (Please note that I bought this fabric before I knew about the horrible things J.K Rowling was saying.)

Harry Potter Cushion on a gaming chair with some headphones next to it.

To start with I bought this fabric way back in 2018! Aldi was selling packs of Harry Potter Fat Quarters so I bought a pack knowing immediately that I wanted to sew it into a cushion cover. I only actually cut out the squares and rectangles at the end of 2021! And fast forward to July 2022 it is finally finished.

The Aldi packs often come with patterns, I have 3 of the Aldi patterns for patchwork; A cushion cover, an Apron, and A tote bag. I diverged from the Aldi pattern in that I added an inner backing to mine. I like my cushion covers to be removable and washable and I wasn’t sure how to finish all the edges of the seams on the inside as the instructions said to press the seams open. So I took an extra piece of fabric and sewed the front cover onto it to seal the edges inside. That is why I have chosen to do some light un padded quilting. I just sewed diagonally across all the squares and then I “stitched in the ditch” around the border rectangles. For those who do not know, stitching in the ditch is when you stitch along the previous seams so you can’t really see the stitching.

I can’t remember what the pattern said to do but I chose to make an envelope cushion which was not patchwork on the back so I just used two sections from the leftover Harry Potter Fabric and sewed the back with that.

Next we have the “Pink Floral Cushion”. (Creative name I know :P)
Pink Floral Cushion on a couch. Please excuse the dots I reused this photo from my Instagram.

This fabric I purchased from HobbyCraft in 2019 while my mother was visiting me. I chose the fabric to go well in our old lounge but thankfully it will look just as good in our new lounge.

I sewed it together in much the same way as I did for the Harry Potter Cushion however for the quilting I alternated directions for the diagonal stitching which gives a diamond pattern over the squares which I quite like.

I sewed both of these cushions at the same time and it took me one day to sew both of the fronts, and then I finished both backs the next morning. They are 40cm x 40cm (15.74 inches) covers and I stuffed an IKEA 50cm x 50cm (19.68 inches) inner into them to make them nice and plump.

I am so relieved to have these finally finished and not weighing on my mind as another project that needs doing.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know!

Stay Crafty
Peace and Love

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