I wore down the tips of my needles!

Hello Dear Readers,

Yes the title says it all! I some how wore down the tips of my needles.

I don’t know whether the brand has anything to do with it or if I have just used these needles much too much.

Blue ones are my 4mm Zings

They are Pony needles in a size 4mm and from what I can tell on their website they are made from Aluminium.

Other needles that I use frequently are my knitpro zing needles and they are also made from Aluminium although they do specify “high-grade” on their website. I have been ferociously knitting socks with the knit pro zings for about 5 years and I only have 2 pairs and their tips are still in good shape. My 4mm zings are also still in good shape.

Maybe my 4mm Pony was just a dud in the batch I don’t know.

Have you ever had something like this happen to your needles?

Keep Crafy,
Peace and love,


8 thoughts on “I wore down the tips of my needles!

  1. Oh no! I have broken wooden needles and split bamboo, but never worn down metal. Now I’m imagining you knitting feverishly and melting the needle tips with a combination of friction and passion. 😆

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  2. It’s not a dud. I only have 1 x Pony needle and it’s for knitting hats in the round and the coating has come off one and it’s a super sharp pin on the other that made a whole in my finger. You are probably thinking I I threw it away then…but I’m just thinking I probably still have it 😂🤣

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  3. Ah, interestingly I have been doing research now into different needle makes and Chaio Goo are usually made from Stainless Steel which is harder than aluminium. I am thinking of replacing my needles with either Chaio Goo stainless steel or addi bronze tips, as my needles wear out.

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  4. Unfortunately they are not guaranteed. Most needles are made from Aluminium which is actually quite soft and since I knit for many hours daily I’m not actually that surprised that I wore them down over a few years. I am thinking of buying more expensive ones when I replace these though. You do get ones made from bronze or steel which are harder than aluminium


  5. WOW, can’t say I’ve ever worn down my needles. I use a lot of Knit Pick wooden ones but I do use metal for all my tiny sock needles. I use Chaio Goo. I’ve broken off the tip of a cheap set of acrylic needles I got at Hobby Lobby.

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