Salty’s Journey

Dear Readers,

I am finally getting around to share with you Salty’s Journey.

Quick bit of background for those of you who are a bit confused at this point. Salty is a cat which my husband found in 2013 in an industrial estate. She was a lone kitten and he could not find her mother or siblings so we landed up adopting her, the vet aged her at 4 weeks old. She was pure white and she was found in an area called Salt River… hence the name Salty. 5 years ago my husband and I left South Africa to move to Scotland. We could not bring Salty with us as we would be renting and it is notoriously difficult to find a rental that allows pets here. So Salty went to live with my parents. Fast forward to this year, my parents are moving / have moved to the UK and we now own our own house so we can have pets. (Most of you already know Jack). So Salty made the very long journey over to the UK.

On the 3rd of August Salty was collected from my parent’s house and taken to Cape Town airport to await her flight. Her flight only left at 11.45pm so she waited at the Travel Services office. I assume that they have some sort of cattery set up there. She definitely was not left in her crate to wait the almost 11 hours she had to wait before her flight.

On the 4th of August Salty landed in Amsterdam but she had a layover that was over 24 hours! Thankfully Schiphol Airport has an “animal hotel” which again I assume is much like a cattery so she did not have to stay in her crate that entire time.

Finally on the 5th of August in the evening Salty flew over to Edinburgh airport and Husband and I went to collect her. I was very anxious to see her so we got there fairly early even though I had been warned that it could take 3 hours for her to be processed.

Salty in her Crate at the reception where I collected her.

I was very anxious that Salty might not remember me after so long, the last time I visited my parents in South Africa was 3 years ago thanks to the pandemic. But she seemed super calm once we got her back to the car. I think she was probably dehydrated and hungry as she was very wobbly on her feet. I know that her favourite treat is Tuna so I had brought some with me in a container and she gobbled it down very fast.

We stopped for supper on the way home and here is Salty sitting on my seat next to husband.

When we got home we locked Jack in the lounge before we brought Salty in and we took her straight to her designated safe room which I had prepared beforehand.

I used a method to introduce Salty and Jack to one another as outlined in this video by Jackson Galaxy. I must admit though that I expected it to take much longer but Jack and Salty went through the steps so quickly that they had their first proper meeting only about a week after Salty arrived!

Salty enjoying the Sun in her safe room.

Unfortunately when Salty arrived she had some fleas so I had to give her a flea bath and then treat both Jack and Salty with flea treatment. Salty has really long floofy hair so I think that the fleas can easily hide in there. I didn’t actually see any fleas until I bathed her but I could tell that she had them because she was scratching and chewing like mad.

Salty after her flea bath.

It has been a month now and I think that Jack and Salty are still figuring one another out and trying to establish where they stand. Jack just absolutely wants to be with Salty all the time. Salty is not so sure of Jack, if he gets too close to her then she starts yelling at him. When I first let them together this was about 2 metres. But now she will let Jack get to about half a metre before she yells at him. She also give him mixed messages. When she is playful she entices him to chase her and even sometimes bats at him and then runs away. But then when he does chase her she shortly stops and begins yelling at him. He is very polite and slowly backs away whenever she yells. This chase game has improved over the weeks and they sometimes play chase for up to 5 minutes before she starts yelling at him. I can’t tell if the yelling is part of the game or if it means game over, I think that Jack is just as confused as I am.

Slowly getting more comfortable being near one another.
My dad and I watching TV each with a cat on our laps.

As it is turning colder there seem to be less birds about and I can let Jack out without him bringing me any presents home. Just two days ago I decided that Salty can go out now as well since she has been here long enough to bond to the house. Here are some photos of them in the garden. Jack still is her shadow where ever she goes. Her protective big little brother.

So that is it for my kitty update. I am so absolutely relieved that they can coexist peacefully and any playing or socialising that they do on top of that is just an added bonus.

Have a wonderful week!
Peace and Love
Ellie, Jack and Salty

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