Family Break 01

Dear Readers,

Sorry for my unannounced break, I have been doing social things back to back for the last 2 months and I just totally forgot to make a little announcement.

My parent’s have moved into the downstairs part of our house and will be staying there until they find their own place. If you missed it, they just immigrated to the UK from South Africa. And this past week my Mother-In-Law came to visit us from South Africa too so we have had a VERY full house! 🙂

Here are some photos from the various places we went. I am going to have to split them up because I took quite a lot of photos. 🤭

On Monday we went to Melrose Abby. I have just chosen some select photos to share with you as it is actually a paid for exhibition.

After Melrose Abby we went to the Eden Coffee House in Melrose for some lunch. It was very lovely. I had the best loaded fries I have ever had. I believe that Loaded Fries originated in Quebec, Canada.

After our lunch we went to the Trimontium Museum. Trimontium was a Roman Fort, and the name means three hills, The Fort is located near the three hills of Eildon. This is another paid for exhibition so I will just share one photo, this is of the collection of fibre things. Combs and whorls for spinning.

I really enjoyed seeing the Trimontium Museum because I studied Classical History at University but we focused on Roman history in Rome and only touched on British occupation a little.

I will leave this post here for now so as to not overwhelm you with photos.
Check in tomorrow for the next instalment 😉

Post 2
Post 3
Post 4

Keep Crafty
Peace and Love


8 thoughts on “Family Break 01

  1. You certainly have a house full. Looks like you are making some great memories with the parental too. I enjoyed the photos and look forward to the next ones.

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