Family Break 03

Part 3 of the family adventures.

Thursday we went to Hawick to see two of the mill shops that are there. But of course we started the day with some cat antics.

I opened the window to let the cats out and they both jumped up at the same time. They sniffed noses briefly and then Salty decided to go out while Jack seemed to pull a face at how cold it was outside. Salty has so much fluff it doesn’t bother her.

The first Mill we went to was Lovat mill, while they didn’t have much historical on display they did have a lovely seconds factory shop where M-I-L bought us this beautiful throw. “The Hugging Rug uses a famous pattern taken from mill archive and woven here in Hawick for over 100 years. A legacy created by the early custodians of ‘The Home of Tweed’ and one that we are proud to uphold.” I have taken this quote from their website.

Following Lovat Mill we went to the Johnstones of Elgin Mill. Unfortunately their mill tour was not running that day but they did have a lot more on display! This was not a paid for display so I feel much more comfortable sharing all the photos with you.

Johnstones of Elgin was a little outside of our budget even though it was their factory shop however I did make a little purchase which I will share with you in a separate post. They were selling off cuts of their fabric (presumably leftover from the production process) and they were bundled up almost like fat quarters, these were much more inside of my budget and I look forward to making some patchwork cushions with them.

On Friday I decided that I needed a day at home alone. As you know I am autistic and I get very overwhelmed by having too much happening at once. Even though I enjoy my M-I-L’s company and we were going out to places that I wanted to go to it had proved too much for me and I was starting to get bad stomach cramps in the evenings which is a sign that I am running out of social/emotional energy.

Jack and Salty sleep closed off on the lounge/kitchen side of our passage so that they don’t wake us up while we are sleeping since they are very good at that. However once Jack hears movement in the morning he starts scratching at the passage door. On this particular morning I opened the door to this sight.

My mom came up for some tea in the afternoon. Thankfully my mother does not have much impact on my social energy, I think that it is because I grew up with her and we have learned to understand one another’s mode of communication very well and so there is no fear or pressure when socialising. We are also very aware of the risk of miscommunication and feel very comfortable asking one another to clarify with no worry of offence.

Here is a cute photo from the evening which Husband took. Me in my happy space, knitting with a lovely woollen blanket and Jack!

Check in tomorrow for the next instalment:
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Keep Crafty
Peace and Love


7 thoughts on “Family Break 03

  1. Thank you very much! It has taken me many years to be able to realise what i need (socially) and it is only since my diagnosis that I feel comfortable saying what I need. Previously I always felt that I was being rude.

    Heehee that’s so cute, with these two a little push is a real possibility!


  2. I’m so impressed that you know and step back into recharge mode (with a kitty, no less). So, so good for all of us to know how to do that.

    I was a little afraid that there was going to be a mischievous kitty moment at the beginning–like one giving the other a little push! 😉😂

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