Family Break 04

The 4th and final instalment of my week with family.

On Saturday we went briefly to Melrose Apple day which was amazing however the weather defied the forecast and it was VERY wet! So I did not take any good photos from that.

Then we went as an extended family to the Ancrum Crosskey’s Inn. So it was husband, M-I-L, my Mom and my Dad… and me of course. It was really lovely, the pub part and the restaurant part are separate so it didn’t get too loud for me which is often an issue in places like this. And for dessert I had a mango and coconut slice which BLEW MY MIND! It was so intensely flavourful.

In the evening we went for a walk at home and I spotted and adorable sheep posing just below the moon.

Sunday was M-I-L’s last day with us and in the evening we drove down to Carlisle so that she could catch a train to see family in London.

As you can see Jack is very keen on the new Woollen Blanket. I am watching him closely because he likes to dig like a dog does before he settles down and this means he can land up messing up the blankets.

Thank you for joining me on this recap of the last week. If you missed the previous instalments you can find them here:

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Keep Crafty
Peace and Love


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