Knit Wear Designers and Social Media

Today I want to talk about Social Media and Knitting designers.

Obviously I can only speak for myself and not all knit wear designers, however as I have spent a lot of time on Instagram (specifically) I have noticed other’s expressing similar views to mine. In this blog post I will mainly speak about Instagram as this is the platform I use the most.

I am first and foremost a knitter. I love knitting and I love knitting things that are my own designs or are altered designs so that they can fit perfectly with my vision of what I want to create. Before I was selling my patterns online I started using Instagram just as a fun way to capture snapshots of my life and some of my creations. It was sort of a like a photo album for me. Then as I started selling my patterns I started realising that it would be prudent of me to advertise in some way. How will people know if they are interested in your patterns if they do not know that your patterns exist? The problem is that I am not a marketer. I am not trained in (nor do I have much interest in) the details of how to market your product. Yes I can take pretty photos but all the research into the best platforms to use, the best times to post, how often to post. These are all things which take away time from what I want to do, create!

I dabbled in Youtube a little. I still like Youtube but I do find that committing to a regular schedule is onerous for me. Setting up, filming and then editing for a video takes a lot of time and effort for me so I prefer to do it in an ad-hock manner.

I tried Twitch live streaming. This presented two problems for me, there is a lot of research and set up that goes into the initial setting up of your stream, although this can be saved for future use so I guess it can be worth it, you also need the correct high quality equipment which can be a lot to invest in if you’re not sure that this is something you want to go. But the biggest problem for me is the fact that it is live. As an Autistic person my processing is slower than non-autistic people and I need time to process what is being said and then what I am going to reply. I need time to really think about what I am going to say. With live video you can’t take anything back, if you accidentally say the wrong thing you can’t remove it. When I film Youtube Videos I often get my mother and my husband to watch them first to make sure that I am saying what I am trying to say and that it is not coming across the wrong way. You can’t do that with live video. The Twitch platform also rewards those who stream more regularly so again I have the huge time commitment that I don’t want to make when I could use that time for creating.

So in the end I settled on Instagram. I already had an Instagram account and I really liked how I could take a nice photo, write a nice caption post and then be done with it. It was quick, simple, efficient and I enjoy taking photos. Notice I am talking all in the past tense, WAS. Along came Tick-Tock and suddenly Instagram added more video features and started pushing their reels to the forefront of the algorithm. This presented me with a problem, now I was feeling pressured to make videos instead of taking photos. Although I could still stick to photos, my subscriber interaction dropped drastically because Instagram was no longer showing my posts to the majority of my followers. I soldiered on. However in the last 6 months I have been having more and more problems with Instagram. Not only do I feel like I make a lot of effort in my posts only for very few people to see them, but Instagram has been developing more and more technical issues. Specifically with their photo posting. Every time I have had a technical issue with Instagram it has been for the photo posts not the Stories or the reels. This makes me feel like they are focusing a lot more on their other content avenues and neglecting the upkeep of their photo users. I honestly am needing to uninstall and re install Instagram about once a month to keep it running. Whenever I have a technical issue I try restarting my phone, clearing my cashe, checking the app store to make sure it is up to date even though I have updates installed automatically.
I actually currently cannot post to Instagram using my phone which is what inspired this post. Instagram is becoming a lot of work for not very much reward.

So what do I do? I feel very tempted to just give up on Instagram all together, however what am I going to do about advertising my knitting patterns? Would my blog work?

You will notice that I have not really spoken much about my blog yet. My blog is completely different to me. I have had a blog running in some form or another since I was about 16. I LOVE blogging. I don’t feel pressure to post more than about once a week. I feel that I can post anything I want to. It is all photos and text. And I LOVE writing. Not creative writing mind you, I have never felt that I was good at that. But I have always really enjoyed writing discursive or descriptive pieces. Writing essays was my favourite part about going to university. My only question is whether this is a good platform for advertising knitting patterns. I guess it could be, especially if I team it up with my Youtube Videos. Now that my mother is living near me (basically with me at the moment) I was hoping to start up my knitting podcast on Youtube again and either have her as a co-host or a guest star depending on how she feels. I know she reads my blogs (hi Mom 😉 )

The long and the short of this post is that I really feel that for some creative people Social media can be very hampering to their creative process but that a lot of us feel pressure to work on the social media because of a desire to have our work seen.

What do you think? Do you have any experience or thoughts on this topic?
I hope that you have a super lovely weekend.
Stay Crafty

Peace and Love


6 thoughts on “Knit Wear Designers and Social Media

  1. Thank you for your input I really appreciate it. I have stopped selling on Etsy because of all the Fees so I am just using Payhip and Ravelry at the moment. I think that Ravelry is a good way to be found as a pattern designer these days.

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  2. I can echo Alissa in the bit of spending less time on Instagram because for me it has become all “ads” which is not what I want. Friends no longer post on Instagram and I don’t want to buy any more yarn!! Have to admit, I’d never think to shop for patterns on Etsy though. I shop Ravelry.

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  3. I’m finding I get more reach with Etsy ads, and that social media isn’t doing very much for me. I look forward to checking out your YouTube podcast! I’ll go see if I follow you on Instagram. I’m spending less and less time there.

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  4. I don’t usually read long posts that are all words with no pictures but this was interesting. Not only because your comment on slow-processing maybe explains a lot for myself but what you had to say about Instagram. I joined Instagram because a blogging friend recommended it and lately I have wondered whether it would help with advertising my patterns. I never make video for Instagram and in fact I never watch peoples stories. I just like the pictures. But I have noticed recently that after a few photos, sometimes more , sometimes less, the video entries start at which point I give up as they make me feel queasy. I have always felt with Instagram that ‘they’ were in control not I. Like you, I find blogging a lot more satisfactory. Even here though I am less happy that WordPress lets people read the full post in the reader so that the personal touches of the full blog are missed. I don’t know the best way to advertise though. I have started adding adverts for my patterns to the bottom of my Monday posts.

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