Recent Crafts Recap Post

Dear Readers,

I have realised that it has been a little while since I have shared some finished projects with you so instead of doing separate posts dedicated t each one I though I’d do a little collection.

These are not really in a particular order.

Wedding Surprise

These are post plant cosies, designed to cover a 9cm IKEA pot. Two of my dear friends got married in October and they asked me if I would be willing to make something as part of their wedding favours. So they sent me the pots they were using and I designed and crochet up a collection of these cute cosies for them. They were very well received.

They were designed using Style Craft Special DK.
Each cosie took me around 45 min to make. Not including weaving in ends and washing.

I wrote up the pattern nicely so that I could follow it and make them all exactly the same way, so I may publish the pattern after my Christmas market shenanigans are over.

Dad’s Leg Warmers

As many of you know, my parents have recently moved to Scotland from South Africa. My dad has been struggling with the cold a bit. He actually requested me and asked if I could make him something to keep his shins warm! I am so happy he asked because he doesn’t ask for knitted things often.

I am so happy with how I worked the increases, I think that they look great!

These are knit with Stylecraft Special DK

I did take notes as I knit these so they may become a pattern.

Knockando Colourwork Hat

I am a bit embarrassed to admit that we purchased the yarn for this project back in 2019. And I even knew that it was going to become a colourwork hat. But it has taken until October 2022 for me to knit it. And I even knit it all in one day.

This is my first proper attempt at knitting stranded colour work and I am pretty happy with it.

I knit it using the Holly Jolly Hat pattern by Drops Design (link opens in Ravelry). I knit the larger size and I just made a little adjustment and removed the last part of the pattern near the crown of the hat at Husband’s request.

The yarn is from Knockando Wool Mill which we have visited twice. The wool mill has been there since at least 1784, I believe that is the date of the first record of it. They still spin using the Victorian machinery which has been repaired.

I used 3.5mm needles for the rib. I used 4.5mm needles for the colourwork and I used 4mm needles for the plain knitting and crown decrease.

I used a blocking technique that I saw on one of Roxanne Richardson’s videos where you lightly hit the project with a wooden spoon after soaking it. I think that it definitely made a difference in how it blocked out.

Blue Berry Waffle Socks Mom

For these socks I used the Blueberry Waffle Pattern by Sandy Turner for the stitch pattern but I used my own regular shaping techniques for the rest of the sock.

The sock is knit with King Cole Zig Zag in the colour Storm for the main part of the sock. The heels and cuffs are knit with West Yorkshire Spinners in the colour Blackcurrent Bomb.
I used 2.5mm needles with an 80cm cable to knit magic loop style.

I am considering writing up and filming an in depth tutorial on the basic way that I knit my plain vanilla socks for beginners to use. However as I have mentioned before I have a Christmas market coming up soon and I really need to focus my worry energy on that. I also seem to have a lot of patterns in the pipeline and I guess I should let the older ones come out first πŸ˜‚

Dad Gloves

Another thing that I have made for my dad are some nice gloves to wear while he is working at his computer. As a programmer he spends long hours sitting in front of his computer and he gets very cold hands.

These are knit using some South African yarn. It is Miss La Motte DK in the colour Aizome and it is 100% Merino. They are lovely and soft and my dad says they are nice and warm. I made up the pattern for these too as my father has pretty large hands. He also wanted them to go as far up the wrist as possible so I knit them with a provisional cast on which meant that once I was done the hands I could pick up the yarn and knit backwards up the arm to use up whatever was left over.

Mom Socks 007

These are the 7th pair of socks that I have knit for my mom.

These socks are a pattern that I made up to compliment the yarn. This is another South African Yarn, the dyer is Lily Rose, the base is Wemmick Sock, and the colour is Aslan.

I am really happy with how these socks turned out.

I knit them using 2.5mm needles on an 80cm cable to knit magic loop style.

So that is it for my little recap on my recent finished projects! If you have any questions about them that I have not answered or if you just want to say hi feel free to leave a comment down below.

Keep Crafty
Peace and Love


5 thoughts on “Recent Crafts Recap Post

  1. I really like your Mom Sock 007 pattern. I would be very interested in it. Bet your dad is glad his daughter is such a good knitter. Funny, my son just went out today and bought fingerless gloves. Apparently I should have knit him a pair.

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