Dalmeny Christmas Market 2022

Hello Lovely Readers,

This past Saturday I shared a table at the Dalmeny Christmas Market again. It was so nice to catch up with people I have not seen since I have moved. And a couple of friends came by to say hi to me for further away as well.

I always make a few seasonal thing to sell at my market stall as well as my paintings that I do all year round. Here are some of the Christmas Decorations that I made.

Arty Decorations on a Blue Background

Pastel Dream Decorations

Arty Decorations on a purple background

I am particularly happy with how the yarny baubles turned out. These are plastic fill-able baubles filled with my yarn scraps. If you are not a fibre artist you may not know but when you start and finish a project there are always long tails left that need to be woven in and then trimmed off. Now I can’t seem to bring myself to throw those away so I collect them in a jar.. which over the years has turned into multiple jars. So when I saw the fill-able baubles I thought they were a perfect match and I sorted out all the scraps into pleasing colour collections and filled them. That was there is no waste from my projects and each bauble is unique.

Here is my final table set up from the day.

I hope that you enjoyed this little insight into my recent market stall. šŸ™‚

Keep crafty and have an amazing week!
Peace and Love



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