New Tam O ‘Shanter

Dear Readers,

A few years ago I designed some Tam O ‘Shanters in memory of my Grandmother who passed away in 2019. One of them I called Margareet in Stripes and I wear it a lot. I love the way it fits and for a lot of occasions I love the cheery colourfulness. However I do find that some times I am looking for something more subtle, so I have decided to knit myself a new one in black.

I think that black will be very versatile and go with most of my outfits. The few that it wouldn’t go with, I think that my stripy one will do the job! I am excited to revisit this pattern after so long. Incidentally I never actually published the pattern.

Here is the colourful stripy one.

And here is my finished Black One.

I only finished it on the 30th but I have been really enjoying wearing it so much already!

It is a really nice quick knit. I cast it on in the afternoon and finished it just before bedtime. It uses less than 100g of yarn too. I knit mine using Style Craft Special DK in black and 4mm needles. I knit it using the magic loop method.

I hope that you all have a wonderful crafty time,
Peace and Love


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