Mom’s Scrappy Socks

At the end of last year I really got bitten by the Scrappy Sock knitting bug! So I asked my mom if she’d like a pair of scrappy socks. Since I finished them so close to her Birthday I landed up giving them to her as part of her Birthday present.

Socks knit out of scrap yarn

Morag Socks 009

My mom asked for a warm colour palette of orange/pink/and brown

Project Details

Pattern source: N/A

Yarn: 13 different yarn scraps from my sock yarn leftover stash

Fibre content : all of them are close to the 75% wool 25% nylon range

Needles: 2,5mm 80cm circular

Date started: 14 December 2022

Date finished: 23 December 2022

Notes: We selected 13 colours and then I chose from them randomly to form the striping pattern. For weaving in the ends I did a mixture of just leaving them till the end to weave in or sometimes knitting the two ends together as I went for about 12 stitches. For the heel I did a slip stitch reinforcement and 3 garter stitches at the beginning and end.

Socks inside out because someone always asks to see πŸ˜‰
Sock on top has ends knitted together and then small tail pulled through. Bottom sock has ends fully woven in at the end

That’s it for these socks, feel free to ask me any questions if I have left something out.

Peace and love Ellie XXX


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