Cape Town Holiday Post 1

Dear Readers,

Wow where to start! I had all good intentions to be blogging at least once a week while we are away but I had forgotten how busy life is when you’re in a city with lots of family and friends!

So here we are at the end of week 2 and I am just blogging now! I will try to capture week 1 for you as syncytly as possible!

Early on Saturday the 21st we said goodbye to our sweet kitties and headed off to Glasgow airport. Don’t worry my parents are staying with the cats and giving them lots of love and attention. And my mom sends me daily photos and updates of the naughty kitties.

We had an over night layover in London and we were lucky enough to stay in my sister’s flat. She was actually in Cape Town already since December so I also checked on her plants for her. She made this very clever contraption to keep them watered. They need a bit of weeding but they’re all still alive after over a month of not being tended to!

On the 22nd we left Gatwick airport and flew to Cape Town over night where we landed on the 23rd. The time difference between Cape Town and UK is only 2 hours. Sometimes it’s 1hour as South Africa doesn’t use daylight savings.

Sushi at ocean basket
Seafood platter at Bertha’s

On the 23rd we settled in at Husband’s parents house. We’re very fortunate to be able to stay with them. Then we went out to buy a few things, for example when I’m coming to Cape Town for 3 weeks (and another 3 weeks in May) I didn’t bother to bring Shampoo as it would only take up valuable luggage space/weight and I could just buy some here. We also had sushi and mocktails at Ocean Basket. I must warn you… Cape Town food is really good and relatively cheap compared to the UK so there will be a lot of food pictures here! In the evening we went to a restaurant called Bertha’s in Simon’s Town with Husband’s parents. We had the seafood platter, I had mine with salad and husband had his with chips.

Butternut and Feta Salad at Mug and Bean

On the 24th I woke up and it had rained a lot over night so instead of suntanning like I had planned, I went shopping with my sister.

In the evening husband and I went to visit his brother and his family. I didn’t take any pictures as they have a small baby and I doubt they want me posting pictures.

Tiny bust in the bathroom that totally reminds me of Steve Harrington from stranger things.
Pulled Pork Nachos at De Kelder

On the 25th I spent the day suntanning and knitting. A rhyme I remember from my childhood is “From 10 till 3 sit under a tree” which is what I did, well I went inside. But my skin is so pale from winter in the UK that I have been very strict with myself about applying sunscreen and staying out of the sun at the hottest hours. If you’re wondering where husband has been these days, the reason we could come out for three weeks is because husband was allowed to work remotely for the first week.

Then in the evening we went to a very good friend of mine’s birthday party at a restaurant called De Kelder, in Plattekloof. It was two for one nachos and tequilas. I don’t know if other countries do this but in South Africa white wine is often served with ice on the side so that you call add a few blocks if the wine starts warming up. I have never seen this in Scotland.

Sushi platters from Hong

On the 26th my sister spent the day with me at my in-laws house. She did have to do a dress fitting and go for a Mani pedi as she was one of the bridesmaids at the wedding we were both attending (the whole reason for the trip) then in the evening her husband joined us and we all ordered sushi from my favourite restaurant from when I was at university, Hong.

Wami in the swimming pool

On Friday I spent the day by the pool again and did my own manicure for the wedding the next day. In the evening husband’s parents took us out to Kelvin Grove which is a private member’s club which they belong to. Husband had calamari for dinner.

And I think I’ll stop the week there and leave you with some photos of the cats. The next day was the wedding and I think that deserves a post all of its own!


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