The Week of the Paintings

Hello Again,

I know I skipped last week so I am just going to pretend that that didn’t happen. 😛

Last Friday Husband and I decided late in the evening that we wanted to buy a puzzle to do. So we landed up on an adventure out to HobbyCraft at Fort Kinnaird at 8pm because they only close at 10pm. We got there around 9. We chose a puzzle called the Carpenter’s Cottage.



We just did shopping and we helped a friend look at a flat he was looking at buying. It was a really nice place.


Friend E came over and I did some mending of her clothes for her. It was all pretty easy stuff except for a neckline which was made of a fine stretchy mesh folded over by more stretchy mesh, that took a bit of fussing.


As usual Monday is my cleaning day and so my house got quite a deep clean. It hadn’t be cleaned thoroughly for a while. I mean things like scrubbing the inside of the oven and that sort of thing.
My studio also got an amazing clean. Sigh, it is so nice to be back in my little creative space. I pushed my Laptop backwards so that I could set up my tripod for filming.

Unfinished crochet blanket makes another appearance

Here is my filming set up but I am going to have to play with it a bit more. 1) because I would like to have my tripod set up and also have my monitor on the table. I need my monitor in order to edit my art scans better. Laptops don’t give good colour representation because you can keep changing the angles. and 2) because I keep getting my head in the way!


And for supper I cooked a roast chicken for dinner. Ah, the Roast Chicken story. First of all, all you South African’s take a look at the photo below!


I bet you are thinking what I was thinking when I first unwrapped the chicken. What the heck are those?! I’ll explain. This chicken has shins, or lower leg parts still attached to the drum sticks. The only explanation which I can imagine is as follows: In South Africa there is a market for chicken feet, people buy them and cook them, so in South Africa the lower leg of the chicken is chopped off with the feet and sold that way. Where as, I am guessing here, there is less of a demand for chicken feet in the UK and so their chickens are sold with just the feet removed. My sister told me that she thinks they look like crayfish eyes / eye stalks. I agree.
Anyway so I take this chicken out the fridge and remove the packaging and discover  that these leg things are tucked into the carcass of the chicken to make it neat. I gingerly pull them out and immediately get squeamish. (I was vegetarian for 2 years before I had to stop for health reasons) Getting this up close and personal with uncooked meat really freaks me out apparently. Then when I had to rub the butter over the skin I very nearly vomited. This chicken also seems to have a lot more skin than Z.A. chickens and they also left the neck on. Oh and there were some poor little tufty feathers on it.
This chicken has changed my life people. I am not joking, I am going to see if I can cut us down to one meat meal a week and see if my health can stand up to that. At the moment we are doing about 3 vegetarian meals a week.


I continued filming and managed to finish my architectural piece which I was painting.

My mom sent me this cute picture of Salty cuddling her.


Then, having decided that I was going to bake, I went in search of some nice baking trays. We currently only have one really small one that came with the flat. While I was going from shop to shop I saw these pretty pink velvety chairs! But husband pointed out that I already have a studio chair.


And I did find some really nice trays that are the perfect size for our oven! Our Oven is about 36cm squared and these are 34cm squared.


And then the baking bee stung and I baked over 100 cookies. I don’t know why I always do this. I don’t bake for ages and then all of a sudden I bake loads.


In the evening husband and I met friend R out at a restaurant for Taco Tuesday! They ordered something super spicy but I was a sane person and ordered something cheesy 😛


Wednesday was kind of a busy day but I didn’t plan it to be. First of all my prints which I had ordered came in the mail. If I have forgotten to tell you, I am in the process of setting up my Etsy Shop. At the moment there is nothing there because I am still ironing out some kinks.

The print job was perfect. Where you can see colour variation that is where I scanned the picture and then edited it on my laptop instead of on a fixed screen monitor.

The Original is on the Right
The Original is on the Right
The Original is on the Right
The Original is on the Left
The Original is on the Right

Then I decided that I need to do more exercise so I did 45min of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance on my own, which considering I haven’t done it in over a year it was probably a bit much. We are desperately saving for our own place and so I am not that keen to go out and pay for lessons at the moment so I was just practicing what I remember and also doing some drills off Youtube. It is easier for me because I used to do a lot of it so I know how the moves are supposed to go. It’s just building up those muscles again.


After I was done with my dance practice I decided so do a painting of a flower my sister had photographed. It went way quicker than I had expected. It is a peach blossom.


After supper my husband and I went for a nice long walk. He took me on a route he had discovered while I was in South Africa. We took some photos along the way because it was so pretty.


Then at home something horrifying happened. Husband and I were chilling on the couch drinking coffee and chatting about our walk when suddenly I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Picture me pulling my legs up onto the couch quickly and yelling ” *insert husbands name here* ITS A GIANT FUDGING SPIDER!” Except I didn’t say Fudging I said a bad word. Husband is momentarily freaked out until he looks over and sees the actual size of it. And then he proceeds to calmly catch it and remove it for me. He doesn’t like killing spiders so he threw it out the window.
We did out best to identify it and we are pretty sure it’s the Giant House Spider. This one isn’t that big but apparently they can grow really huge and also what makes us even more sure that that is what this is is that it once held the Guinness world record for fastest spider…. and boy was this thing fast! Even husband was a bit unnerved by it’s speed. But thankfully their venom is not fatal to humans or pets and they prefer to escape than to bite.


It took me a really really long time to fall asleep that night. 😦 I am convinced I have a mild form of arachnophobia.


On Thursday I did a quick expressive painting. I quite enjoyed it as I have not worked in this style for a while.


Then I did a little sketch of an Accounticorn for a friend. I might paint this one up and give it to her.IMG-20170907-WA0007

And then I spent the rest of the day editing and uploading the art video which I filmed earlier in the week. You can see it here.



On Friday I did a quick little drawing inspired by the lyrics from a song by a band called Cake. “Sheep go to heaven, Goats go to hell”


My mom sent me more cute photos of Salty invading her art supplies.


And I also started a crochet stuffy / amigurumi for friend E. Friend E and I are pretty much obsessed with unicorns.


Halfway through the first leg I discovered that you stuff it while you make it not all at the end. So I had to leave my cozy home and go in search of stuffing. In the end it turned out cheaper to buy a microfiber pillow for M&S and open it than to buy actual craft microfiber at a craft store!


We had a lazy slow start to the day. Husband was immensely helpful with my Etsy and helped me with the money side of things.
We went for a walk up Corstorphine hill and saw another monument to Scott.


I managed to finish the unicorn!


The card above was my welcome home card from friend E.

I love it’s fabulous hair!


Then we took a quick walk through some suburbs that we might consider looking for our own place in. Husband has looked at a lot of the areas before but I was in South Africa and I haven’t seen them yet. It was really nice walking around and discussing the pros and cons of the area. Then at the end of the walk we went to friend E’s house where friend R was meeting us and we made a curry box. Friend R regularly gets these curry boxes. It was a lot of fun, and friend E loved the unicorn!


Well thank you for sticking with me again through another busy week! I hope that you are having a good week and I hope that anyone in the Florida area is busy keeping warm and safe!

Love Diella xoxo

First 2 week round up

Hello Again Readers,

Since my friends and family are all (mostly) in South Africa and I am now in the UK I have decided that I might post here once a week to sort of give people an update. I’ll play it by ear and see how many people are interested.

So for this first post there is quite a lot to tell you about and also a lot of pictures because it is basically 2 weeks now.

As many of you know, T and I left South Africa on the 10th of January. We went through security at about 5 even though our flight was at 7 because we just didn’t want any fuss. Thankfully because of who T banks with we were allowed into one of the lounges which was really nice. We got free WiFi, free food and drink and some comfy chairs.


This was a great relief especially as we had a little bit of a debacle at the security gate. T had suggested that I fly with my “precious” jewelry on me just in case. I had totally forgotten that one of my things that I packed was a brooch and that this might be a problem. I don’t fly very much so I didn’t really know what was going on when the lady said that she wanted to check my bags. Then she started going through all my jewelry, finally she came to the brooch. Now the brooch was pinned in a box to a rectangle of foam. So she front doesn’t look as pointy as the back. She demanded to know what it was so I told her it’s a brooch. She didn’t seem to know what I meant but after some deliberation with a college they decided that they would let me take it. Thankfully she didn’t turn it over because there was a 2inch needle on the other side! As soon as T and I got through customs (which I must also tell you about) in Gatwick we took the brooch out, bought a stamp and mailed it to my Uncle in London because we were pretty sure that I would not be able to get it through the Gatwick security.  You can see the brooch below.  img_20170111_073442_190

Now the brooch isn’t actually particularly valuable but it is very sentimental. When I was in high school I used to do Irish Dancing (some people call this River Dancing) And my grandmother who has Irish lineage and who is now deceased went on a trip to Ireland. When you dress for competitions in Irish dancing you have to wear a sash kind of thing and it gets pinned to your shoulder, so my Late grandmother brought back this beautiful brooch for me. So like I said, I don’t think that it is that valuable but it is very special to me.

By the way I had an awful flight. I had a stress headache from the security incident and this lead to me feeling nauseous for most of the flight. Thankfully in Gatwick we found a shop that sold Ibuprofen so that took my headache away.

Yes now onto the customs or boarder control. I am currently on a visitors visa to the UK because I am coming back to South Africa in April for my cousins wedding. But I am here for 94 days which could look suspicious to the boarder control and they could decide to send me back to South Africa. (And after that horrible flight all the way there I thought I’d rather die than have another 12 hour flight, this time without T to rub my back.) Now T is a British citizen so he had kept telling me that he was going through a different check which would be super quick because they can’t refuse him entry. I kept asking him to come with me to mine because they can ask so many questions and as someone who doesn’t fly a lot this whole situation was scary. He said he’d do his best but they probably wouldn’t let him.
Miracle #1, when we were asking for directions the lady said that since we are married and flying together Thomas must just go with me!!!! I was over the moon.
Now the lady in front of me was also from South Africa coincidentally and she was having a lot more trouble than me. I won’t go into details but basically she had not read ( or possibly understood) any of the rules and she had not brought any hard copy evidence of intention to leave the country so she was getting a lot of questions and problems. Where as I had a printed receipt of my return flight and all the documents I thought I could possibly need. She was actually still there when we left!
Miracle #2, Now you must understand I am a terrible liar and it is very obvious. So When it was our turn and the lady said to me oh, you are here for 94 days, that is terribly specific.  I said without thinking (as I said bad liar here so it was very obvious that I said this without thinking and not lying) oh yes I have to be back for my cousins wedding. Well that seemed to convince her that I was definitely leaving the country, she stamped my book and off we went!

We then had a short flight to Edinburgh and a surprisingly sunny drive to our temporary accommodation. T’s new company is paying for 2 weeks of accommodation for us while we try to find somewhere to stay more long term.

The place that we are staying in is really nice and from what I can tell by UK standards it is pretty massive! We are so spoiled by this, all the flats we have been viewing are so tiny in comparison. I’ll also note here that we have a wonderful friend, E, who has also coincidentally moved from South Africa to Edinburgh and who is working for the same company as T. So she is actually staying in the same apartment block as us. She also grew up in the UK so it has been amazing to have someone who can tell us what shops to go to in order to find what we need.


The one thing which we noticed straight away obviously was the change in weather. The day that we left South Africa it was 31 degrees C. The morning before our flight I was actually lying on my mom’s tiled floor trying to cool down!
When we arrived in Edinburgh it was about 4 degrees C and it went down over the next couple of days to 1 degree. This presented me with a problem that I had not anticipated. Since we don’t and won’t have a car we walk to most places. Being very cold we dressed up warmly, as one does. But after a few minutes of walking briskly (everyone walks fast here and if you are slow, no one is rude but you get the distinct impression that you are in the way) you start to get kind of hot! So you take off your beanie which is trapping all the heat from your head…. but now your chest is still hot but your ears are now freezing. To be honest I am still getting the hang of it but it is getting better. I bought myself some ear muffs so I can have warm ears but not trap too much head heat in.


This cold weather has really put me in more of a yarn crafts mood than a drawing mood but this is what  I did when I was trying to keep up some of my drawing. (I have given up for now, but don’t worry I know my self well enough that I know my drawing phase will come back soon enough. It’s always a cycle for me) I made a pretty list of terms that I have to get used to. img_20170116_143717_660

As an aside when we first arrived at our accommodation it was stupidly hot! They have a boiler heater system and we had to turn the heaters down because it was way too hot. We didn’t want to fiddle too much but we’ve got it down to 22 degrees now. And before you ask, my father used to work in air conditioning and he writes programs for it so he gave us one of his thermometers. img-20170111-wa0032

This shower, pictured below, has become a personal joke for T and I. You see coming from South Africa they are suffering a really terrible drought at the moment, so we said How do you know a country doesn’t have problems with drought? When they have two shower heads!  Pictured below.img-20170111-wa0034

The next thing that was weird for me is the ice or frost on the ground. Even if it isn’t freezing point in the air, it may be on the ground. So the white in the pictures below is frost I guess. I haven’t quite got a hang of the terminology yet but I know that it isn’t snow!  We have some snow later on in the post.

On Saturday the 14th we went on a little walking tour of Edinburgh, I may have mentioned this in my previous post, but one of the places we visited was a grave yard. It also wasn’t just any grave yard. It was the one from which J.K Rowling got some of the names from the tomb stones. Now this isn’t going to be a Potter Fan girling because … shock horror, I am not actually a huge Potter fan. T is actually more than me since he has read all the books. But anyway the point of this is that I kept looking at the ground, poking the ground, toeing the ground and giggling like a silly 5 year old because the muddy slushy looking soft ground was actually frozen hard! As someone from Cape Town where it never gets cold enough to snow this is a very new experience for me. img_20170113_142910img_20170113_142917

Then during the week when T wasn’t working yet it snowed!! Okay not a lot and it basically all melted as soon as it hit the ground but there was little white stuff floating down and it wasn’t ash! (Capetonians you know what I mean). I also discovered that I am married to a crazy person. Who says, oooh it’s snowing… let me run outside in my Tshirt? My husband apparently!img-20170112-wa0017

So one of the things that I neglected to do was bring knitting with me on the plane. I did consider it but I know that it can be an issue at security and I just didn’t want the extra fuss. I was however stupid for not packing any in my hold luggage. So by Friday the 13th (I know that we are jumping around dates a bit here) I was kind of desperate to have something for my hands to do. So after asking on my lovely facebook knitting group I was given some suggestions for places to go and we chose McAree Brothers knitting shop. It was close-ish to T’s work so we could go past there and he could get an idea of where he needed to be on Monday. I bought: 100g sock yarn for me, 2x 50g sock yarn for T, 80cm 2,5mm knitting needles, a set of 5 2,5mm dpns and some darning needles for weaving in ends. img-20170113-wa0017

This is how far I got on Friday evening. For those of you who are not familiar with my knitting, I do one sock at a time. img-20170114-wa0000

Saturday and Sunday were taken up with sight seeing so I didn’t do any knitting. On Saturday we briefly popped in at one of the museums and saw Dolly! For those of you who don’t know she is a cloned sheep, and the first mammal cloned I believe.


Our friend E went on an organised pup crawl and sent us this picture. I know a lot of people are going to cringe but I really want to try a deep-fried mars bar! img-20170114-wa0019

Sunday was my birthday, but to find out more about that and our sight seeing you can read my previous post. Oh and for you South African’s, this dress is amazing. It is a complete fluke but I bought it from Mr Price and it’s actually really thick material. I never wore it in ZA because it was just too hot. So with Leggings and a coat it was perfect for Sunday, which was also a bit warmer at about 9 degrees. img-20170115-wa0008

On Monday I sadly discovered that I had over worked my Achilles Tendon during all our sight seeing which we had walked everywhere. And a lot of up hill too. On Sunday evening my one ankle was really sore. Then on Monday I was doing some dishes and I noticed that that same ankle felt like there was a rubber band sliding up and down my ankle bone as I moved. Sorry if you are skweemish. As it didn’t really hurt that much I didn’t want to go see a doctor I just googled a bit and apparently it is called creaking. I also spoke to a friend of mine who is a Dr so she gave me some advice. Since I hadn’t actually damaged it and only really over worked it I just rested it a lot and took some Ibuprofen which I already had from the  airport. Unfortunately towards the evening it got really uncomfortable so my darling husband was kind enough to make our delicious supper, pictured below, even though it had been his first day at work. I felt really bad but he said it was such a simple recipe he didn’t mind. (He is an AMAZING cook, way better than me)img_20170116_194050_112

On Wednesday T got send to London for 2 weeks (thankfully he gets to come back for the weekend) which was kind of lonely for me. Not too lonely as I do have E near by. But I got a lot of chance to work on my socks and I even discovered an awesome podcast, Knitting Expat. The awesome thing about her, I have started at the beginning of her videos, is that she started her podcast when she moved to a new country and didn’t have friends. Her husband was also working long hours with a long commute so I kind of feel like I relate to her at the moment. Although T wont always be working away and I am sure that I will make friends here soon. I also decided to teach myself to flick instead of throw. (knitting jargon I am sorry). I have considered picking but when I do the stitches always seem to come out twisted. Bare in mind I did this while knitting a sock. I may experiment some more with the left over sock yarn.img-20170119-wa0019

On Thursday I had finished both of T’s socks! We are such a similar sized foot that we actually both use 64 stitches! This socks are just a bit longer than mine. So these are my feet below.


Then I started my sock on Friday. I have discovered that if I have nothing else to do (at this apartment there is housekeeping so I don’t even have that) it takes me about 4 days to knit a complete pair of socks. I don’t know why I thought this but I thought that my socks would be more purple and less pink, but anyway they are kind of pink now.


As you can see below… we don’t have any scissors here so I have been using the cuticle cutter side of my nail file to cut my yarn.img-20170120-wa0003

We also don’t have any measuring instruments here so I had to make my porridge up by guessing. The instructions on the packets are also no help as the oats are in grams and the water is in ml so i can’t even work out a ratio. But as you can see below I think it turned out alright. img_20170121_110057

My mom… has been such a meanie poo and keeps sending me pictures of my darling cats and making me miss them sooo much. I am just dying for a furry snuggle. I think that I am going to spend most of April in South Africa just cuddled up with PanPan. I love Salty too but she doesn’t tolerate cuddles as much as PanPan. PP will let you cuddle her all day if you want to.


On Friday I tried to do a different style of heel as I always do the heel flap and gusset, but after a couple of attempts I frogged it back and did my trusty heel flap as I just wasn’t managing the new heel. img-20170120-wa0005

On Friday night when T came back I made soup and friend E came for dinner and brought Elderflower Cider. It is soo yummy, and I love the bottle cap.img_20170120_222255_230

On Saturday I didn’t do much knitting as T is back and has to leave on Sunday evening so I wanted to spend time with him. But we decided to try out using the bus day pass for the first time so we went to a whole lot of the yarn shops here and I got a few things. The stylecraft yarn is for me and the West Yorkshire Spinners is for T. The funny thing is that T was born in West Yorkshire. Also the two colours are Blue lagoon (the cocktail) and Juniper. How cool is that? img_20170121_160052

So that is it for the last two weeks. I am sorry that it is SOO long! I plan to do next weeks one on next Sunday so hopefully there will not be sooo much stuff to show and tell you about.

Lots of Love,

Diella aka xYOOPx

My Dance Pantaloons

Okay you’re going to need to bear with me for this one. I was not intending to do a tutorial or walkthrough but since some people have asked I am going to show you a little. Warning some really badly drawn paint drawings! 😛 Oh and also I am going to assume that you are already well acquainted with your sewing machine.

Now first lets talk fabric. I have made 3 pairs of pantaloons since Sunday so I am definitely an expert now. Haha no just kidding. But I do have a little experience with fabrics now. Firstly I looked at the Chiffon at the store, and it was  LOVELY but oh so see through so I gave that a skip. For my first pants I chose Viscose which I really like. It’s not stretchy which makes working with it a lot easier. And I chose some satin for the top band. For my second pair I made them out of a cotton knit. This material is much more breathable which I like for dance practice since I am probably going to be wearing them longer than if I was in a performance. It was a little stretchy which makes them harder to work with but even as a 2 meter pair there is enough material to cover any little mistakes. The third pair that I made were out of a polycotton weave and these were not good. The material is just too stiff and it doesn’t flow nicely. It’s almost as if they are permanently ballooned out.

I had to wash my material first as the shop told me that viscose is likely to shrink and they had not pre shrunk it. Finding a place to hang up 4 meters of material is not easy!! Luckily I have a very handy husband who made me a make shift washing line.


Now once your material is all dry the first step is to lay the material down, on a table if you have a big enough table or on the floor. You only need 2 meters of space because you are going to fold it so that the right sides are facing. In case you don’t know, right sides refer to the pretty side of the material that you are going to want to be facing outside eventually. But you can’t call it the outside part because sometimes like now you are going to want it to be facing inside.
Then you cut along the fold so that you now have two 2 meter pieces lying on top of one another.


Badly drawn folded material.

Then this can be a little tricky. You need to measure yourself. You need to sit down and measure your crotch and your hip (where you want the pants to sit) to floor. You will also need to add a seam allowance to the numbers on the top. ( mine are 6 inches and 8 inches) and quite a but more to the bottom number so that you have space to fold and put in elastic on the top. So your crotch and butt measurements go on the top. and the hip goes on the bottom. Remember these aren’t super fitting pants so maybe give it a little more if you are worried.  Once you have measured then you can make a little mark at these points.

sorry i dont know why i did this part in inches


Then you draw a U shaped curve connecting the two. The butt curve can be a little more square and the crotch curve a little more curvy. But as we keep saying, these aren’t fitting pants so you won’t notice too much. Then you cut these out. You’re cutting through both pieces of material. If you are worried that you will shift the bottom piece you can always pin them together before you cut them.


Now you have cut the material. Remove any pins you may have put in. Now separate the two pieces so that you have two pant legs. Fold these in half again with the right sides facing. (No cutting this time!) Pin along the inseam and sew together. Marked in orange below. I sewed a straight stitch first and then went back over with a zig zag stitch to stop fraying.


Okay this next part is easy but it is conceptually a little tricky if you have not done it before. You have your two pants legs sewn up on the inseam. You must take the one and turn in inside out, or right side facing out. Put the right side facing out one into the wrong side facing out. This means that you will be seeing the wrong side on the outside, and the two pieces have right sides facing each other again.  Now match up the seams that you have sewn in the middle again. And pin them together. You want to pin from the middle out. You will also sew two lines from the middle out. This is because if the top pieces don’t match exactly that wont be seen once you have folded the top to put elastic in. Where as the crotch will look weird if the seams don’t meet in the middle.



Now you can briefly turn your pants right side out and put them on and send pics to all your friends saying, “Look how much weight I’ve lost!” Haha. Just kidding I didn’t do that … just kidding I did.


Okay so I have assumed that you know how to fold the tops and bottoms to make a tube and how to sew them up and thread the elastic through. How ever there is a little trick when it comes to sewing up the waist band if you want a slit. At this point I got my amazingly mathematically brained husband to help me. We measured exactly how much would need to hang because I didn’t want to be showing tooo much skin. Now the fact that they are often called slits is a bit confusing because they are not actually cut. They are actually just part of the waist band that the elastic is not threaded  through. I realised this after looking at a bunch of the pants if you follow the pattern of the material at the top it actually droops down the sides.


So you can see by the yellow when I sewed it up I sewed to long channels and two short ones with four gaps for the elastic to go through. You want to sew the side droops up anyway because otherwise the raw edges of the material is going to show. Also if you do this and then decide you don’t actually want the droopy sides then you can just thread it through. My sides had 45cm of droopy material. To measure this I laid my pants down and measured 22.5 cm in from the fold / side and put in a pin. Both front and back of the material so you are putting in 4 pins. This will show you where your gap must start. Then you fold your material and make the tube big enough for your elastic and sew it up.

this is cm now.

Then they will look like this. Okay PLEASE pretend that you can’t see my underwear K thanks.



Okay now more fiddling. Here I went to the mirror and moved the gaps along the elastic until they were in the places that I wanted them. I did lots of exaggerated hip circles and figure of 8 so that I would be sure that I didn’t flash any part of me that I didn’t want to. Then my husband kindly sewed the pants to the elastic(on me!) at the points where I had placed them so that  they wouldn’t move. Fast forward through lots of pin stabbing and expletives.

Now for the satin band. Unfortunately I can’t help you that much with this because this was all my husband’s genius.  I cut a band the size I wanted with enough to fold it in like bias binding. So i folded it in half and ironed it. then I opened it and folded the edged in to touch at the middle. Then fold in half again so that it is in quarters and iron. Then you get your husband to calculate how much the pants need to stretch in order to match the band. 😦 Like I said I don’t know how you help you. You need to be a maths person. Some tips; we started by pinning the middle of the band to the middle front of the pants. And then also the tube is sewn closed over the exposed elastic sides but not onto the elastic so it can still stretch.  Maybe I’ll ask him to make a guest post on how he calculated where I was to sew it.


And that is it. Sorry that this post is sooooo long. Also these pants are very easy to make if you don’t do the side gap.