Victorian Crafting: What is an Antimacassar

Dear Readers,

I have recently been working on translating some Victorian knitting and Crochet patterns into instructions that my contemporary crafters might be able to follow. As I go about my research and collection of Victorian era women’s magazines I do sometimes come across words which are foreign to me. I thought that I would begin to share them here with you.

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Colour Theory for Spinners

Dear Readers,

As I was spinning away recently I was thinking about how much colour theory comes into play for spinning for me. And then I started to think that not everyone who gets addicted to spinning (it really is an addiction) has done art at school or knows colour theory.

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Plant Reference Photos

Hello All,

This weekend I went back to my favourite place to walk and took some cuttings of some of the beautiful grasses that are coming into seed there. And then at home I photographed them because I want to use them as reference images for drawings. Then I had an idea, I decided that I’ll upload them here so other people can use them too. These are all in South Africa but I don’t know if they are all South African grasses. I think that I may try and have them identified.


If you want to give me credit for the references that would be very sweet but at the same time I am not expecting it. You are totally welcome to use these as references for your drawings without giving me credit. You are also welcome to sell any art that you do that is based off of these images.

However I do ask that you do not use these images as they are and sell them. These are intended as reference only not as free stock images.

❤ Diella / xYOOPx